10 Tips For Writing and Giving An Awesome Wedding Speech!

Giving a wedding speech can be nerve-wracking. Any kind of public speaking is scary, but weddings are way worse. It’s a super important day and tons of people are going to be watching. It doesn’t matter if you are the father of the bride or the best man, you want your wedding speech to be special, not something that people can’t wait for it to end. I know that sounds scary but with the right preparation and tips, it doesn’t have to be. Today, I’m going to give you 10 Tips that will help your wedding speech go from blah to hoorah!

10. Give Yourself Time for Editing

Giving yourself time for editing your wedding speech is essential. It can be the difference between delivering a memorable and impactful speech or one that falls flat. Start by writing down your ideas and thoughts. Then, go through and organize them into an outline so you can see the structure of your speech. Once you have an outline, start writing out the full version of your speech. From there, take some time to review it and edit it accordingly. Look for anything that doesn’t make sense or needs more clarification. You can also use this time to add jokes, anecdotes or quotes to make your speech more interesting and engaging for the audience. Taking the time to prepare and review your wedding speech will ensure you deliver a thoughtful, heartfelt message that will be remembered by all in attendance.

9. Don’t Focus on Inside Jokes

When you’re preparing a wedding speech, it can be tempting to make it personal by including inside jokes. While these may be funny to those in the know like the bride and groom, they can detract from the sentimentality of the speech and leave many guests feeling excluded. Instead, focus on meaningful anecdotes that everyone can connect with. These will bring laughter and smiles to all attending, creating an atmosphere of joy which is what your speech should ultimately achieve. Additionally, avoid being too specific or detailed – keep things light and airy so that everyone can relate and reflect on their own experiences. It’s important to remember that you are speaking for the entire group, not just yourself.

8. Keep Your Wedding Speech Short

Wedding receptions are supposed to be fun and energetic. The last thing anyone wants is to sit around for 30 minutes listening to you talk. It is important to remember to keep your speech short. Having a long and drawn out speech can cause your audience to become bored or restless. Then think how the bridesmaid or maid of honor or best man is going to feel going after you while everyone is already asleep.

To ensure that your audience stays engaged, try to keep your speech between five and seven minutes in length. Include heartfelt stories and anecdotes about the couple, give compliments, and express your best wishes for their future together. If you find yourself getting close to the seven-minute mark, try summarizing what you have said so far and wrap up your words with a few brief sentences of congratulations. Keeping your wedding speech short will help make sure that everyone enjoys the moment without having too much time taken up by any one speaker.

7.Speak from the heart

Your toast needs to come from the heart. The moment is special and should be commemorated with genuine emotion and words. Connecting with the audience through heartfelt stories, anecdotes, and meaningful quotes can make the speech more intimate and memorable. Additionally, sincere compliments about the couple can provide a sense of warmth and joy for everyone at the wedding. Sharing your own experiences or significant moments that have led up to this point in time will help to create an atmosphere of love and appreciation. Ultimately, speaking from your heart will ensure that your words are both heartfelt and genuine in expressing your excitement for the newlyweds on their special day.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Practicing your wedding speech is one of the most important tasks on your to-do list before the big day. It’s understandable to be nervous during a wedding, but you can ease some of that stress by practicing your speech ahead of time. Take some time each day to speak out loud and get comfortable with what you want to say. This will help you feel more confident when it comes time to actually deliver the speech. Additionally, practice in front of a mirror or friends and family so you can see how it looks and sounds. This will also help you pick up on any potential issues in terms of body language or pacing. So if you want to make sure your wedding speech goes off without a hitch, make sure to Practice, Practice, Practice!

5. Don’t Read Off your Phone

The whole point of the speech is to keep it personal and meaningful. Reading off your phone may seem like a quick and easy solution, but it can come across as monotonous and unprepared. Plus, if you miss a line or stumble over words, you’ll have a harder time recovering than if you had memorized the speech. Instead, try writing out bullet points of key ideas ahead of time so that you can quickly glance at them during your speech if needed. This will help you stay focused on the message while still allowing you room to be creative with your delivery. Additionally, practice speaking out loud several times before the big day so that you get comfortable with the material and feel more confident when it comes time for your special moment.

4. Be conversational when giving the speech

No one wants to listen to a robot. It’s important to be conversational and make sure you connect with the audience. Start off by introducing yourself and explaining why you are giving the speech, then add some anecdotes or jokes that tie into the couple’s love story. You can also share your memories of them as a couple or as individuals. It’s nice to have some humor in there too so don’t be afraid to make light-hearted jokes – just make sure they’re appropriate for the occasion! Ask questions of the guests and get them involved in the conversation. Speak in an informal way, using words and phrases that people can relate to and use naturally. Be confident but not boastful; keep your tone sincere, warm, and heartfelt so everyone can feel the emotion behind your words. Above all else, enjoy this moment – it’s a day you will never forget!

3. Don’t be Drunk during the Speech

It is important to remember that when giving a speech, it is not recommended to be drunk. Not only can being intoxicated have an effect on the quality of the speech itself, but it can also create a negative impression on the audience as well. Alcohol consumption impairs one’s ability to focus and think clearly, which can lead to difficulty in delivering a coherent and organized presentation. Furthermore, alcohol consumption can lead to slurring of words or stumbling over them, which can appear unprofessional. In addition, it can also cause a person to lose control of their emotions and behave inappropriately during the speech. It is important for one to remain sober when giving a speech in order to ensure that they give their best performance possible.

2. Make eye contact with the audience

When giving a wedding speech, it is important to make eye contact with the audience. Making eye contact will help build trust and connection with your audience, and allow you to better express yourself. Making eye contact also helps you appear more relaxed and confident, which will help your message have greater impact. When making eye contact, try to focus on individual members of the audience for a few seconds each, rather than scanning the room quickly and not making any real connections. Be sure to include everyone in your gaze and don’t forget to smile when appropriate! Eye contact can be intimidating especially if you’re nervous or shy, but practice will help you feel more comfortable. And remember that your audience is there to support you and wants you to succeed – so don’t be afraid to look them in the eyes!

1.Make Sure People can Hear You

It is important to make sure everyone can hear you. Speak loudly and clearly so your words can be heard over the crowd. This can help to ensure that your speech is well-received and appreciated by all present. Additionally, it is important to project your voice so that it carries across the room. This will help to prevent muffled words or hesitations from being misinterpreted by those in attendance. Properly projecting your voice also allows those in the back of the room to hear what you are saying and helps to keep everyone attentive and engaged in your speech. Finally, try to maintain an even speaking pace throughout the presentation so that people are able to follow along with the flow of your message. By following these tips, you can make sure that people can hear you during your wedding speech!


Those are 10 tips while preparing and giving your wedding day speech. Make sure to go through each one of them, and you’ll be ready to blow everyone away.

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