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10 Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

Sometimes when I tell people I’m a wedding photographer, they cringe and say,”That must be so stressful!” I usually just tell them no and that I love my job. I honestly don’t get stressed at weddings, but I can definitely see how it could be stressful to the bride and the people involved. There’s so much pressure to have the day go smoothly, and there’s so much money involved. Over the years I’ve seen some weddings that were crazy hectic and some that were just a blast. I’ve learned some things over the years, and I thought I’d share 10 Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding.

10 Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

1. Put someone else in charge

This is supposed to be the bride’s day, so I hate when I see the bride running around trying to do everything. How can she enjoy her day if she’s hanging up decorations and giving everyone orders? Put someone else in charge on the wedding day. It could be one person or you could give each person in charge of one task. If possible, find people that aren’t in the wedding or the closest family members. This day is important to them as well, so they should be having fun too!

2. Day-of coordinator

If you are really struggling to find someone else to put in charge, you should hire a day-of coordinator. You don’t have to pay for someone to plan the entire wedding, but it is nice to have a professional there the day-of to take care of everything. He or she will make sure everything is setup and will help guide you throughout the day. The great thing about this is that everyone gets to relax and just enjoy the day.

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3. Decorate the night before

I really love that some venues will give you the site the day before the wedding as well. Decorating the day of the wedding is just another thing to stress about, so it’s nice to knock that out the night before. Then, you can just show up on the wedding day knowing everything is already good to go.

4. Pack Bride and Groom’s Bags

Another thing that should be taken care of the night before is packing the bride and groom’s bags. Most couples leave for their honeymoon early the next day. Also, most weddings go late, so there really isn’t much time to pack the next day. Go through and make sure you have everything you need and then put the bags with all the other wedding stuff.

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5. Checklist

I love checklists. They make remembering things so much easier. You just write a bunch of stuff down and then mark it off when it’s done. You could have several checklists for the wedding. It could be things that need to get completed before the day of (packing bags) or it could be a checklist for things to bring on the wedding day. Either way, having the list will help you remember things and then you’ll feel more prepared.

6. Put away the phone

This advice applies to almost everything in life, but brides shouldn’t be on the phone on their wedding day. They should be talking to people and having fun. Most likely if a bride is on the phone, she is talking to people about things that need to be done. We don’t want that. Take her phone and give it to the person in charge or tell everyone to contact the day-of coordinator.

7. Have a drink

Yes, I know drinking can definitely cause some problems. I’m not encouraging anyone to get tanked before the wedding ceremony, but having a drink can make people relax and have a good time.

bride dancing with all the guests

I’m also referring to water. You don’t want to get dehydrated. Make sure you are drinking some water throughout the day.

8. Focus on the important things

What is the most important thing to you about your wedding? Is it the music? The ceremony? The people there? Whatever it is, focus on that. Make sure your person in charge knows this and other people so that it gets taken care of. All of the other things don’t matter as much, so I wouldn’t even really think about them.

9. Sing and dance

Have you ever seen a sad person singing and dancing? I don’t think I have. If at any point in the day you feel stressed or upset, blast the music, grab your friends, and start singing and dancing. I guarantee you will start laughing and will feel better.

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10. Don’t Expect Perfection; just enjoy the day

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: something will go wrong on your wedding day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding that was completely perfect. There’s always something that happens whether it’s something small like the ring bearer getting the wrong shoe to the mother of the bride having wine spilled on her dress. You know what though? The wedding still went on, they got married, and everyone had a good time. Don’t freak out about everything! Enjoy the day and enjoy the people around you. That’s what’s important!

My goal as a wedding photographer is to help people have the best wedding possible. I always try to help whether it’s before the wedding or on the day of. I really hope these 10 Wedding Day Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding were helpful! Feel free to comment with any other tips!

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