2016 Event Nation Bridal Expo

Wedding season has passed and things are starting to slow down here. I still have several weddings to year but the real crazy time is over. Now it’s time to start thinking about 2017. I’ve already got a few weddings set up but I’m always looking for more. One way that has consistently worked over the years is bridal shows. On August 28th we’ve got the 2016 Event Nation bridal expo coming up and we are expecting great things.

2016 Event Nation Bridal Expo

Over the years we’ve done and changed several things. One of those things is our booth setup. For awhile we had easels with big canvas prints, then we built an actual wall to hang photos, and most recently we started using a metal mesh as a wall. I’m not sure which is best from a marketing standpoint. I’d hope the brides don’t pick a photographer based in their booth design but you never know. I think we are sticking with the metal for the Event Nation show because it seems to be easier to put together and require less skill.

Another thing I’ve gone back and forth on is what to offer at the show. I’ve done discounts for booking, a free album, drawings for a free engagement session or prints. Some of these ideas totally flopped so I’m trying to find an incentive that really works. The drawings always get people into my booth, but I’ve only had a few winners of the drawing book me in the end. The discount seems like a good idea but I never know if the couple would have booked with me regardless. I’m not sure yet what I’ll offer for this one.

I’ve always enjoyed bridal shows. It’s a chance to talk to a ton of brides and everyone is excited. I get to hear their plans and learn what makes their wedding special. It always gets me pumped up for the coming season.

2016 Event Nation Bridal Expo sparklers spelling love

The Event Nation  has always been a great show for me. The people working the show are always helpful, the booths are spread out, and hundreds of brides always show up. I’m hoping to book at least four weddings from this event. If you are engaged or know someone that is, I suggest you check out the 2016 Event Nation Bridal Expo.

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