2016 Wedding Photography Goals pt 1

Happy New Year to everyone! 2015 really seemed to fly by, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 2014 and 2015 have been a really turning point for us, and with 2016 here now, we’re looking at making another big leap in our wedding photography business. To accomplish that, I’ve worked out some 2016 wedding photography goals.

2016 Wedding Photography Goals

1. Blog Every Other Day

Several years ago, I made the goal to blog every day for a year. I did it, and I feel like it was one of the key factors in transforming our business. I was forced to think about photography every day, which kept it constantly on my mind. I had to come up with projects and ideas that made me stretch my creativity, and I was also able to impart some knowledge about photography to others. As for our business, our SEO skyrocketed, and we were the #1 spot for several searches. I’d like to get that back.

2. Dramatic Wedding Lighting

Without light, there is no photo, but also, without control of light, there is no GREAT photo. For the past few years, I’ve been working on learning to control light. I’ve learned how to use on camera flash for most situations, off camera flash for portraits, and multiple lights for receptions. All of this has made my photography much better and is more than what most photographers do, but still, I can do better. I’m going to start incorporating multiple flashes, gels, grids, and softboxes in my normal workflow to allow for even more creative photos that make me stick out from the crowd of wedding photographers.

3. Take Control

Too often, I’ve gone with the flow. I tend to be a laid back person, so I will sometimes sit back and let things happen. Part of wedding photography is capturing the moments as they happen, but in 2016, I plan on stepping in more to make those candid moments even better. What do I mean by that? Well, if there’s something keeping the photo from being great, I’m going to fix it, whether that’s moving people to better lighting or moving people and items out of the way. I’m also going to be more in control of the subjects, asking them to do certain things or pose them in a certain way. I already do this, but I want it to be a constant.

Without goals, we have nothing to aim for, and we have no way of judging if we’ve reached a certain point. I’ll be adding more goals in my next blog post, but for now, I think this is a good start for my 2016 wedding photography goals.

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