2017 Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Gala

A week ago I shared about one of the big events we covered recently, the 2017 Metsquerade, and today I’ll be sharing about another amazing organization we’ve been lucky to be involved with. For four years now, I have photographed the Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Gala, and I love it every year. The 2017 Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Gala was just as amazing as the other years, as expected.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance opening 2017 Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Gala

I share this every year, but I think it’s important for everyone to know what this group is about. Sheep Dog Impact Assistance is there to help out those service members that need help themselves. This includes military, police, firefighters, and paramedics. These people do so much for everyone else, it’s important that they get support and help when they need it.

Opening speech sheep dog impact assistance standing during national anthem wide shot of gala attendance

Every year they have someone in the organization be the guest of honor and speaker. This is my favorite part. We get to hear his or her story and about all the things he or she has gone through. I’ve had a pretty easy life, so it always puts my life back in perspective.

I really can’t explain all the amazing things these guys do, but it’s a lot. They go out and help with relief efforts when there’s a disaster, they do adventure races, special hunts, and all types of things. All of it gives the men and women that have given so much purpose and a goal, and it saves so many of them.

Next year will be year five, and if it’s anything like the 2017 Sheep Dog Impact Assistance Gala, then it will be a blast. If you haven’t ever heard of them, I highly suggest you look them up. If you’re looking for a worthy group to help, this is the one.

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