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3 Reasons You should have a Bridal Portrait Session

Most people think wedding photographers simply take photos, but truthfully, we do much more than that. We actually wear many hats throughout the entire process. One of those is being a trusted advisor. I love helping couples out in the early stages of planning a wedding. Most couples have only been to 3-5 weddings, so they don’t know much about the planning part or what to do. Sometimes I’ll go to 3-5 weddings in a single month. I definitely have more experience with weddings, so I’m here to help. I was talking to bride today, and she asked about bridal sessions. I then went into my advisor mode and talked about all the reasons to do bridal session. She said she had never thought of it like that, and she was very thankful. So, I thought I’d share the same 3 reasons you should have a bridal portrait session with you that I told her.

3 Reasons You should have a Bridal Portrait Session

It’s Another Chance to Wear the Dress

The wedding dress is something that girls dream about all their lives. It’s the thing spend hours looking at and trying on. It’s also one of the few things they keep around after the wedding. If it’s so important, why would you only want to wear it once? See, that seems crazy to me. If I bought a nice outfit, I’d want to wear it several times. The bridal session is another chance to put on the dress, look awesome, and have some fun. One day is just simply not enough.

Bridal Portraits at Magnolia Gardens in Springdale

A Chance to Get Amazing Photos

We always aim to get amazing photos of our bride on the wedding day, but sometimes we are very limited. There might not be enough time, the area isn’t the most attractive, or maybe the weather is bad. Doing a bridal portrait session allows you to really focus on getting amazing photos. You don’t have all the stress and issues that you would have on the wedding day. First, there is no stress from the wedding. You aren’t afraid the groom is going to walk out and see you, and you won’t be stressing about the ceremony. Second, there isn’t a time limit. You can spend as much time as you want. Third, you can do the shoot in a much nicer location. Traveling on the wedding day can be pretty difficult, but this way, you can go to different locations.

Bridal portraits in front of a large brick house

Bridal Sessions are a Test Run for the Wedding Day

Nothing is worse than having something go wrong on the wedding day. There are a ton of things that could happen, but if you do a bridal session, you can figure out and avoid several problems in advance. For a bridal session, you’ll be getting your hair and makeup done and wearing the dress and shoes. If there is going to be a problem, it’s better to see it at the shoot than on the wedding. We’ve had once experience where the bride hated her hair for the bridal shoot, so she ended up changing it and using someone else for the wedding day. Imagine how she would have felt if that had happened on the wedding day!

3 Reasons You should have a Bridal Portrait Session

I personally love shooting a bridal portrait session, and I wish more brides did them. It not only is helpful and fun for the bride, it also gives me the freedom to create beautiful images without the pressures of the wedding day. Hopefully theses 3 Reasons You should have a Bridal Portrait Session have been helpful. Even more, I hope they have convinced you to go out and do one. If anyone has had any other experiences with bridal sessions, I’d love to hear it.


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