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5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

There are a lot of choices to be made when planning a wedding. One of the first decisions is the wedding venue. Some wedding venues have the option of an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony, but at some point, you will have to decide whether you want to it to be inside or outside. Both are great options, but today we are going to focus on an outdoor wedding ceremony. There are pros and cons and here are 5 Reasons to Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony.

5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

1. Beautiful Scenery

The inside of many wedding venues are beautiful, but it’s hard to match the beauty of nature. There are some backdrops for ceremonies that are just breathtaking. You can have green trees, mountains, blue skies, and blue water. All of this is great for the photos but it also creates a special environment for everyone there. Weddings are wonderful events and they need a special backdrop to fit such an event.

Whitney Mountain Lodge Wedding Venue

2. Plenty of Light

The inside of wedding venues are usually dark. Sometimes there’s natural light from windows, but for the most part these places are dark or partially lit. It can be a real struggle for a photographer. A good amount of the time I’ll have to use flash to make things look better, but some venues (mainly churches) don’t allow flash, so I’m stuck with doing what I can.

With an outdoor wedding ceremony, there should be plenty of light. Even a cloudy day will have more light than an indoor ceremony. Unless you’re having the ceremony outside at night, the light will be much better outside than inside, and this should help with the quality of your wedding photos.

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3. Plenty of Space for guests

It’s unfortunate, but there have been weddings where the couple didn’t invite some people because there wasn’t enough space. Ceremony sites can vary so much in space. I’ve been inside some places that hold hundreds and I’ve been inside some that hold 30. Outside ceremonies, though, are usually much more spacious and can allow for more people. With many of these spaces,  everything is flexible. This means you can move the chairs around and people will feel more comfortable.

5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

4. Plenty of Space for the Photographer

If the guests are crammed into a space, that means I am as well, and it is very difficult to get good photos when I can’t move. Besides being a great thing for the guests, having plenty of space at an outdoor ceremony is nice for me as well. I love being able to move around freely. With an outdoor ceremony, I don’t have to worry about bumping into people or getting in there way. I can move here or there freely. I can also get all types of angles. Inside I’m limited by the walkways and walls, but outside and I can get almost any angle.

5. Freedom

Most indoor wedding ceremonies are going to be limited on what you can do. I doubt the owners want you moving a bunch of stuff around, adding things, and especially not making a giant mess. Outside, though, allows you more freedom. You can usually decorate however you want. This means you can set up things without having to worry about messing anything up. You can also do something fun like have people throw confetti as the couple exits or several other things.

I think that both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies are great, but there are definitely some restrictions when you are inside. Outside wedding ceremonies have their own issues, and I’ll be sharing that side soon, but for now, I hope these 5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony have given you some insight before you make your final decision.

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