8th Street Venue Expo

The wedding world is an exciting place! Every day is completely different than the last. I’m always meeting people that have their own unique personalities and plans for their wedding. The venues are changing as well! There are so many new wedding venues popping up, and I just love it! It’s new opportunities and new backgrounds. I’m so excited to say that this Saturday, I get to hang out at a new and upcoming venue in Rogers, 8th Street Venue!

8th Street Venue Expo

This Saturday, they are having an expo to show off their new space. I’ll be one of the vendors there hanging out and showing off my work. I’m happy just to get to see the new venue, but getting to meet new people and brides makes it even better.

So, I don’t have any photos of 8th Street Venue yet, but I hope to do a bridal shoot there in the near future. From what I have seen, it is very modern and beautiful. There are two levels. My guess is the bottom level will be used for ceremonies and dancing, while the upstairs has seating. The thing that really stood out is the upstairs is lined with lights and chandeliers that just create an amazing backdrop. It also looks like there is a bridal suite with a really nice mirror and lighting and also some general places to sit and hang out. I’ll have more details once I get to see it Saturday.

I’m excited, and I know a lot of other people are about the grand opening of the 8th Street Venue. It’s going to be another wonderful location where memories will get made. If you are looking for a wedding venue or a place to have an event, come out Saturday from 10-7pm to check it out!

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