A Wonderful Experience with PPA

I’ve been getting a lot of spam calls lately, enough to make me want to change my phone number. Every time I see an out of state number, I dread picking up the phone because it’s probably some dumb recording with the same message I have heard 30 times. Today was different. Today, I got a phone call from Michelle with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and it was a very pleasant experience.

A Wonderful Experience with PPA

When I’m not hanging up on robots, it seems I’m having to deal with people trying to sell me stuff. Everyone wants my money. When I first started talking to Michelle, I was worried this was going to be another one of those situations. She asked if I would be attending Imaging USA (PPA’s big event). I explained that I wasn’t and the reasons why, and I was expecting her to come back at with me with some kind of offer or something to try to get me to go. It was nothing like that. She said she was sorry, and she hoped that I would be able to attend next year. That was it. No gimmick. No sales pitch. It was a refreshing change. She even wished me a merry Christmas at the end of it all.

I’ve been a member of PPA for several years now, but I have just started really getting involved and using them in the past year and a half. They are a wonderful organization that does so much for professional photographers. Todays experience just solidified my opinion even more. If you are a serious photographer, you need to be a member. It’s cheap and it is so worth it. Check it out!

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