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Alternative to Bridal Expos

For the last 7 years or so, I’ve been doing about one bridal expo a year. Sometimes I’ll miss a year, but I’ve been pretty consistent over all. I’ve had mixed success from show to show, but I tend to book at least one or two weddings each time. Today I saw an alternative to bridal expos that I’m now looking into. It’s called the Big Fake Wedding.

Alternative to Bridal Expos

I’m not sure how it all came about, but the Big Fake Wedding is a company and puts on these events all over the country. These events move away from the normal bridal expo setup where you have a booth. Instead, they put on a fake wedding and vendors get to show off what they do in a wedding situation. I know there is a ceremony and a reception with food and dancing, but I think that’s about it.


I like the fact that this is a much more interactive way to do things. Instead of people just walking by a booth and deciding if they want to talk to you or not, they can see you in action and get the real experience. It’s also so much more fun for the brides. They get to dress up and get out there and dance and basically experience a wedding as a guest. They can also still talk to the vendors like they would at the expo.


groomsmen dancing and slidingUnfortunately none of these events are around here, and they’re quite expensive. From what I saw it costs a photographer over $1000 to do the event. Normally I spend about $400 for a bridal expo. I wonder if it would be possible to pull off something with other vendors in the area? People do styled shoots all the time, so it would basically be like that except involving more vendors and more people.

I haven’t signed up for the next bridal expo yet, so this might be something I really look into. If I can find a great venue and a bunch of other awesome vendors, this would be a fun, different way to do things. I think it would be good for the brides and the vendors. If anyone likes this idea of an alternative to bridal expos or is interested, let me know!

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