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Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding

Times have changed consistently and people are beginning to want different things for themselves including how their wedding should be like. You might be among the set of people would rather seek a different approach to their wedding than the usual traditional style everyone is used to. Maybe it’s as a result of you having an adventurous spirit, or maybe you just want something totally out of the ordinary and different from what everyone is used to. Well it is your wedding and you have earned that right.

Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding

Knowing what you want is one thing, knowing how to go about it is another. You already know you want an alternative to a traditional wedding, so how do you go about it? Well, here are alternatives to a traditional wedding that you could try out to give you the different feel you so much desire.

A different gemstone would do

First thing you might want to look at is your ring. The stone for rings has always been the diamond. How about a different one for a change? You could try a ruby this time, or a rose quartz, any stone of your choice, as long as it’s not a diamond. A more daring idea would be to ditch the rings altogether though. Maybe you could do a simple tattoo on your ring finger or maybe nothing at all.

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Dress differently

You don’t have to wear a white long flowing dress. You can decide to skip it and wear a peach colored dress instead, or a blue, or a pink, just any color that you feel will be perfect. And no, the wedding dress does not have to be very long. Get a dress that you could wear some place else, something that won’t require you to change if and when you have a wedding reception. In the end, you want to be comfortable with the way it looks and how it makes you feel.

alternative wedding dress

Change the bouquet tradition

Instead of tossing the bouquet like you’re expected to, walk to your single friend, smile, and hand her the bouquet. If your bouquet is made up of natural flowers, pick out  pieces and share amongst your bridesmaids, married or single. Tell them how much you love them, and hand them each a flower.


This is as old as the traditional weddings itself. Don’t want the overwhelming nature of traditional weddings to hold you down and stress you out? You could always grab your partner by the hand, take a flight to somewhere peaceful and have a quiet wedding, just the two of you. The feeling of adventure never gets old. You will have something to laugh about in the future when you reminisce on the memories of that day. The feeling can compete with any traditional wedding.

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Being Happy with an Alternative Wedding

It’s very okay to want something out of the traditional wedding style. You won’t be the first.  Wanting something a lot different from what is seen as the status quo is not a bad thing, and it can be a breath of fresh air to want something that is unusual for yourself. It’s your wedding after all, so try not to feel too bad about it.

If you’re still confused about having an alternative wedding, here’s the best advice I can give you. Do what’s going to make you happy at the end of the day. If you are having a lot of doubts, it might not be for you. If these alternatives to a traditional wedding sounded awesome, I say, go for it!

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