How the Altura Cleaning Kit Saved Me Hundreds

I, like everyone, like to make money, and I’ll do whatever I can to make. Today my Altura Cleaning Kit saved me hundreds on sale. I’ve already written about using the Altura kit to clean my sensor, but now this little kit was doing it again, saving me money.

How the Altura Cleaning Kit Saved Me Hundreds

Recently I decided to sell some of my old equipment because I wasn’t really using it much. I snapped some detailed photos and posted it on a Facebook group. An hour later I had someone interested. He had some questions about the shape of the lenses and if there were any scratches. I took a closer look at them and noticed a few marks. I didn’t think they were scratches, but I told him I wasn’t sure. I then took some other photos to try and make it clearer. When he saw the new photos, he started to not be as interested. An idea popped into my head: maybe I should try cleaning the lenses?

How the Altura Cleaning Kit Saved Me Hundreds How the Altura Cleaning Kit Saved Me Hundreds

I ran over to my closet and got the Altura kit out, put some spray on the cleaning cloth, and did a few wipes. Magically, the supposed scratch and all the other junk was gone. I felt like an idiot. Why hadn’t I done that before I took photos and tried to sell it? Sometimes I get in a rush to get things accomplished and I don’t always think about the details. Lucky for me I thought of it before I lost the sale.

The Altura Cleaning Kit Saved Me Hundreds between this sale and the cost of having to send my camera off to be cleaned. I can’t believe I paid like $20 for it, and the good news is that I can still use it for a long, long time. I plan on going through and cleaning the rest of my lenses because they probably need it. Next time I go to sell something, I’ll make sure to clean it first.

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