Creative wedding umbrella portrait

Amanda and Scott’s Creative Wedding

Each wedding is different and unique and matches the bride and groom’s personality. Some weddings are very small and reserved while others are gigantic parties. The big thing that stuck out about Amanda and Scott’s wedding was how artistic everything was. They obviously spent a ton of time thinking and creating a creative wedding. 

Creative Wedding Details

Amanda had several interesting details. Her bouquet, itself, looked like a piece of art. There were feathers and beads and it was different than anything I have ever seen. Amanda also had these metal bracelets on that had a very sweet message: Love is patient, love is kind. Then, she also had a cute tiara in her hair.

Creative wedding bracelet Creative wedding bouquet Creative wedding flower girl The wedding itself also had some special moments in it. All of Amanda’s sons had the coolest top hats. Then, her oldest son actually walked her down the aisle and sang a song during the ceremony. To symbolize their two families combining, they had a unity sand set. I’ve seen these before, but this was the first time the bride and groom had the help of children with making it.

Creative wedding walking down aisle Creative wedding son playing guitar Creative wedding exiting church Creative wedding bride portrait Creative wedding bride portrait Creative wedding groomsmen kissing groom Creative wedding bride and groom in front of church Creative wedding tossing hats

Creative Wedding Reception

The wedding reception looked like something from a modern art museum. The cakes had colors and designs I had never seen before. The groom cake was covered with art symbols from all the things he loved. There were sports teams and all types of bands. The head table and also all the other tables were decorated with jars and fake plants and trees. It doesn’t sound like much, but it looked amazing. The most creative and my favorite thing were the umbrellas. All along the ceiling were umbrellas that they had hand painted. There was a special moment between Scott and Amanda that involved an umbrella and the rain, so the umbrellas were meant to represent that.

Creative wedding reception decorations umbrella Creative wedding cakes Creative wedding cake Creative wedding head table Creative wedding head table decorations Creative wedding guest table Creative wedding tree decoration Creative wedding candy bar Creative wedding guest book painting Creative wedding custom forks Creative wedding dancing black and white Creative wedding bride and groom dancing Creative wedding bride and groom dancing Creative wedding dancing Creative wedding garter Creative wedding bride dancing with son Creative wedding umbrella portraitEverything about this wedding was artistic and beautiful. It reminded me of a Tim Burton movie and all of his characters and settings. Scott and Amanda really nailed it; it was such a creative wedding. They really proved that you can create anything you want, and make your wedding day truly unique.

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