Arkansas Wedding Video: Christina and Whitney

My last blog covered Christina and Whitney’s wedding photos from their Fayetteville wedding, so today I’m sharing their Arkansas wedding video. The photos show more detail of the entire day, but the video really captures the feeling of the day and some of the details that photos can’t get, like audio.

I believe our videographer was only there for maybe 3-4 hours, but we still got enough footage to really show the whole day. After the videographer left, I managed to just set up  a camera and catch some of the events and some dancing.

Arkansas Wedding Video: Ceremony Set up

Central Methodist is a bit difficult to set up for video, but our strategy worked very well. The bride and groom stand in a section that is back away from the seated area, making it difficult to place cameras. Before the ceremony, we put two cameras on the stage in the back. I had my videographer stand where I thought the bride and groom would and prefocused for that area. Once the wedding started though, we had no way of adjusting them. The rest of our footage was from a camera set up in the balcony and the videographers camera in the back of the chapel.

Arkansas Wedding Video black and whiteThe reception was relatively easy to shoot for the majority of the event. We were able to tap into the DJ’s sound booth, so capturing the speeches was easy. The speeches had some great moments, but my favorite part was when John, Christina’s brother, grabbed the mic to make a secret speech. Lucky for her, he wasn’t his normal crazy self and made it really short and sweet.

The exit was awesome. First they came through a large crowd of friends and family. Then they were whisked away on a magical helicopter ride. My camera was just sitting on a tripod, and I’m not going to lie, I was afraid it was going to get blown over by the wind of the helicopter. Luckily, it didn’t happen and we got a great ending to their Arkansas wedding video.

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