Arkansas Wedding Video: Erich and Alexis

If you didn’t catch it yesterday, I blogged about Alexis and Erich’s Eureka Springs wedding photos. Today, we’ll be talking about their Arkansas wedding video. This is one of those occasions where we actually do both photo and video at a wedding. It involves a lot of equipment, work, and stress, but we love doing it.

Arkansas Wedding Video: Erich and Alexis

Even though we are shooting photo and video side by side, our videographer will often catch something I didn’t see or use a different angle. A lot of people think that photos are enough to cover a wedding, but adding video is really a completely different dimension.

One thing that really makes video different than photo is the ability to get multiple angles of the same thing at one time. For our first look, we had two cameras set up. I put one in front of Erich, and then our videographer was on the opposite side to get his reaction. It’s even crazy during the ceremony. We had two cameras up on the stage shooting at the couple. This gives us a view that I couldn’t get as a photographer. There’s no way I’m sneaking up onto the stage during a ceremony.

Arkansas Wedding Video Thorncrown Chapel

I’m really glad we got to do photos and create an Arkansas wedding video for Erich and Alexis. I never would have gotten the chance to meet them except for this wedding, and I feel blessed that I did. They are just so relaxed and soft spoken. I could easily see myself just hanging out with them talking. That’s why I always say it’s great to be in this business.

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