Arkansas Wedding Video: Lauren’s Ceremony

Most of the time I am really involved in a wedding, and I know the couple before the wedding. In this situation, I talked to Lauren through email several times and had met her a bridal show, but I didn’t really get to know her before the ceremony. For Lauren’s Arkansas wedding video, I only did the ceremony, but I still got to learn a lot about her and Taylor.

Arkansas Wedding Video: Lauren’s Ceremony

The ceremony took place at First Baptist Church, which was a new location for me. The church was huge but beautiful. There was lots of room for guests, and the stage was high and well lit.

Because of all the room, it gave me plenty of room to set up cameras on both sides. I could have put one up in the balcony as well, but then I wouldn’t be able to check it without running up there. The only struggle I ran into was my main camera. While they were walking down the aisle, I had to be in between the chairs. This made it had to be stead and to pan. Then, the walkway slanted down, so it wasn’t the easiest thing to put a camera on and line up. Besides that things went well. I had a really nice sound guy help me capture audio from his sound board. Overall my experience at the church was great.

My experience with Lauren and Taylor was a good one as well. They seemed pretty young, but they really seemed to care about each other. They were extremely pleasant to be around, and I was amazed at how strong their religious convictions were. During the ceremony, they had both families come up to the stage and pray over them. This really shows that they care about prayer and about family. I also really enjoyed talking to Lauren’s father that day and afterwards. He does photography, so we had a good conversation about things.

Arkansas Wedding Video Lauren on stage

Even though I was really only at this wedding for about two hours, I was really glad I could be part of it. Lauren and Taylor have a bright future ahead of them, and I love that I could start it was an Arkansas wedding video.

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