Arkansas Wedding Videography Website Coming Soon

We’ve been shooting weddings now for around 7 years, and for the most part it’s been all photo. The last two years, though, we have been shooting more and more wedding videos. It’s always been kind of a side project or an additional service that we could do; we never actively marketed ourselves. We’ve become so busy with wedding videos now that we are going to have our own Arkansas Wedding videography website.

Arkansas Wedding Videography Website Coming Soon

There are several reasons why we need this website. One, a lot of people don’t know that we do video. This website will be focused completely on video, so it will be vary obvious that’s what we can do. Two, I’m wanting to expand and shoot more video. I’ve got two great guys on board to help with our video production, so now I just need work for them to do. With this website, we will focus the SEO completely on video, so the chances of someone finding us through Google will be higher than it would be if we only showed video on our photography site. Third, I like things to be organized. I want my main site to focus on wedding photography, my portrait site to focus on portraits, and this website to focus on video. Right now I just have a random page on my wedding photography site with a few videos.

I’ve actually had this on the t0-do list for quite some time, but other things always got in the way. This Spring Break I finally pushed myself to start the project. We now own a domain, and I’ve got a website template purchased. Our next step is updating the template with our information and making it fit our style.

Unfortunately the website template I purchased hasn’t been the easiest to work with. It’s based off of WordPress, which is what I use for my blog and I’ve used for websites in the past. Normally WordPress is easy to change and update, but this special template is more complicated. There are tabs that don’t do what I think they would do and there are some pages I can’t figure out how to change. The good news is I’ve figured out the main things that I need for the website to be functional. The other little things will have to be solved in the future.

Right now our Arkansas wedding videography website is a mess, so I won’t even tell you the address. My hope is to have it up in running in less than a month. I’ve got a bridal show on May 15th, and I think it’s important to be able to show off the site to people by then. Our business is headed in a new direction and I’m excited and hope this website is a big push for us.

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