Planning a Wedding in 3 Months: Step by Step guide

shooting champagne at New Year's Eve wedding

Planning a wedding in 3 months can seem like an impossible task, but with the right planning it is not only possible, but also really fun and get almost everything you want! This blog post will outline all of the steps that you should take when planning your wedding in just three short months. Can […]

Cowboy Wedding

bride and groomsmen showing off legs

One thing I love about my job is how I get to meet all different types of people from different places. Katy and Bryson were not like most of my couples. They are from Texas and way more cowboyish (is that a word?) than most people around here. None of that really matters, though, because […]

Two day wedding Celebration

black and white first dance photo with dramatic lighting

2020 was such a strange and difficult year. I know tons of people in the wedding world that lost so many weddings and it was just horrible. I was relatively lucky in that I only lost one wedding and had two moved. Brooke and Russell’s wedding was one of the ones that ended up changing.  […]

Engagement session at Prairie Grove Battlefield Park

Engagement session at Prairie Grove Battlefield Park

It really makes me laugh how I tend to do the same thing year after year. Every year, I get busy and then I forgot to share different engagement sessions and weddings. Every year I say I’ll keep caught up. Well, it’s happened again, and it’s so crazy because David and Stephanie’s engagement shoot was […]

5 Pre-Wedding Parties Couples Need to Plan For


A wedding is one of the biggest days in a couple’s lives, so it’s no surprise that they pull out all the stops for it. But if you were to stick to tradition, the Big Day is not actually the only thing you need to plan for — there are a couple of pre-wedding parties […]

Hiring Wedding Vendors from Outside Your City

Under the Woods Wedding

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Kansas City for a wedding. I drove down the night before because it would too difficult to drive the morning of and then shoot all day. I ended up staying Sunday as well and doing two engagement sessions. Anyway, I’ll be traveling a lot this year and next, so […]

4 Ways to Use Your Wedding to Help Others

Use your wedding for a good cause and make a difference in the lives of people you don’t even know. You can collect donations, raise awareness of situations, or use it to show support for causes that are close to your heart. Here are some ideas on how you can make

How to be Relaxed and Natural In Wedding Photos

laughing bride

Doing something new stresses me out. I’ve always been that way. Any time I go into a situation and I don’t know what to do or how something works, I freak out a bit. This is especially true if there’s any kind of performance involved. I don’t want to fail or look dumb. I think […]

Tulsa Wedding at the Mayo Hotel

Tulsa Wedding at the Mayo Hotel

This Saturday, I’ll be traveling to Kansas City for a wedding, and I was reminded that I never shared Stephanie and David’s Tulsa wedding at the Mayo Hotel. This was my first time photographing a wedding in Tulsa and it was a beautiful venue, so I was really excited.  Tulsa Wedding at the Mayo Hotel […]

Under the Woods Event Center Wedding

Under the Woods Wedding

It’s really interesting how I tend to work with the same type of people over and over again. I’ve noticed that most of my couples work in the medical profession in some way: nurses, doctors, and therapists. The great thing about this is that they are all really nice and caring people. You might remember […]