Avoid Having Too Much Stress

Oh my goodness. I’ve got so much stuff going on in the next month. This week I have the Sheep Dog Impact Association gala this Friday and the Metsquerade event the following Saturday. Both events aren’t that difficult as far as the shooting goes, but there is a lot to deal with the set up. I’ve also got some engagement sessions, senior portraits, and several weddings. Then I’m also planning a styled shoot that involves around 6 vendors. That’s probably the biggest pressure I’ve got going on. Oh and then there’s my regular job of teaching. I do love all of it, but it can be quite overwhelming at times. It doesn’t matter what your job is, it’s important to avoid having too much stress.

Avoid Having Too Much Stress

Having too much stress is a real problem. Stress can cause health and mental issues. Before you know it you’re angry all the time and possibly having a heart attack. Besides that stress is going to make you not enjoy the things you normally enjoy doing. The things that use to make you happy can in the end be the thing you hate.

With that, there are some things you can do to make your life less stressful. My biggest thing is just to not overbook. If I’m not careful, I have something going on every single day of the week. This adds up to about 50-60 hours of work, and it leaves me with no relaxation time. Once a month isn’t a big deal, but it becomes an issue when it happens all the time. Another good idea is to find some kind of relaxation technique. It could be exercise, meditation, listening to music, or watching movies. As long as it isn’t a harmful choice, it can make life a lot easier. If none of this works, I would suggest talking to a friend and asking for help. We all have people that love us and want to help us. Simply talking about our issues might help, but in a lot of situations, our friends can help us with some of our work.

We all have to work and we all have things we enjoy doing, but if we do too much of both, we end up making life miserable. I try to avoid having too much stress because it just makes everything difficult. It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, a businessman, or a parent, we can all fall into this problem, so be on the look out for too much stress.

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