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How to Avoid Stress on the Wedding Day

With every big event in your life, there’s bound to be stress. If it’s something important, we always tend to find things to worry about, and that makes sense. We want everything to be perfect, and there’s usually a lot involved, and that causes stress. Weddings can be a gigantic stressor for people. It’s a super important day, lots of people are going to be there, there’s a lot going on, and a good chunk of money is involved. Some of my brides get super stressed while others don’t worry about a thing. I thought I’d share a few tips of how to avoid stress on the wedding day to help everyone out.

How to Avoid Stress on the Wedding Day

How to Avoid Stress on the Wedding Day

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1. Get a Wedding Planner/Coordinator

I am not good at designing websites. I’ve tried to do all the coding and design in the past, and I just end up wasting a bunch of time and get frustrated. Instead of continuing to bang my head against the wall, I hire a professional to do it for me. It takes less time and the end result is better. The same thing can be said for planning a wedding. If you aren’t good at organizing things, and it’s causing you stress, hire someone to do all of that for you.

There are different degrees of involvement with a planner. They can do everything for you, or they might just be there on the day of to make sure everything runs smoothly. How much help you need depends on you.

2. Ask Others for Help

Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget for a coordinator. In that case, I suggest you ask others for help instead of taking it all on by yourself. There are a few ways to make this go smoothly. First off, try to divide the tasks among a few people. If you make your mother in charge of everything, you’ll stress her out and there might be some friction. Instead, put her in charge of one or two things, and then find another person to take on a few tasks.

3. Get things Done Early and Be Prepared

Nothing is more stressful than trying desperately to get things done in a rush. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get everything done. That means have everything booked well in advance, don’t try to set everything up on the day of (if possible), or try to make things the night before.

The best way to avoid this and other problems is to make lists. Make a list of all the things you need to book or accomplish, and include some kind of time frame, so you know when you need to get it done. Also, make a list of all the things you need for the wedding day. This way you can mark things off when you pack it and not forget anything important. There are a ton of these lists out there, so you can probably find one online and modify it to fit your needs.

4. Be Ok with Something Going Wrong

Something will go wrong at your wedding, and if you freak out about every little thing, you aren’t going to be happy. I’ve seen all types of things happen at weddings, and the brides that can let the little things go were the happiest. If the wedding party goes out of order, no big deal. If your bouquet is missing a flower, so what? If you trip, just laugh it off. In the end, you are married, and that is all that really matters.

I hope these tips on how to avoid stress on the wedding day have been helpful. I really want all of my brides to enjoy their wedding and stress gets in the way of that. Try a few of these (at least #4) and see if it helps.

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