Bailey’s Rogers Bridal Portraits

In the past few years, I have been lucky to shoot three weddings of former students, and Bailey was the fourth. Now that her wedding is over, I can finally show her lovely Rogers bridal portraits.

Bailey’s Rogers Bridal Portraits at the Grand at 117

Bailey is from Mayflower, Arkansas, so she drove all the way up to Rogers for her bridal portraits. The only problem with this is that it’s hard to reschedule something like this. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great the day she drove up, so we were limited to indoor locations. Lucky for us, one of my former brides owns the venue The Grand at 117, and it is perfect for bridal portraits.

The Grand has a large open downstairs, so we started there. We did some basic standing shots, and then moved into something a little more dramatic. We brought a chair into the middle of the room, and I set up a flash on a boom above the chair. This allowed me to bring in light from above her. It made the light focused on her, while the rest of the room was pretty dark. I used the same technique for the next shot. Bailey was positioned against the wall in between the two staircases. I had the light over her again to make her stand out. Later, I just edited out the whole light.

From there, I went back to a more traditional lighting setup of a flash with a shoot through umbrella. We used the stairs for about three different looks. I simply moved to different angles and had Bailey turn different directions. After the stairs, we went up to the second story. In the back, there is this old brick wall and giant barrels. The last shot inside was something I do a lot, but the positioning was a bit awkward for me. We went to a window to get some natural light. The only problem was it was a small area. I ended up standing up in a ledge right against the window. It was awkward, but the photos looked great.

Our last set of photos was outside. It had stopped raining, but we still made sure to protect her dress. The outside of The Grand is awesome. It’s an older building, so it has some real style, so I wanted to show it off. It was still kind of bright outside, but I wanted to make it look like nighttime. To do this, I had to get rid of all the natural light and add back a ton of flash. I pulled out my big portable flash and blasted away. I got some medium shots, and I pulled back for one really wide one. The only problem with that was my flash was in the photo and so was some random truck. I spent about 1 hour editing all that junk out of it, and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

Rogers Bridal Portraits Bailey 0 dramatic Rogers bridal portraits brick wall and barrels dramatic Rogers bridal portraits magazine cover dramatic Rogers bridal portraits in front of the Grand at 117 dramatic Rogers bridal portraits black and white dramatic Rogers bridal portraits in front of The Grand at 117 dramatic Rogers bridal portraits holding veil dramatic Rogers bridal portraits on stairs dramatic Rogers bridal portraits holding veil looking down dramatic Rogers bridal portraits high angle dramatic Rogers bridal portraits with flowers dramatic Rogers bridal portraits against wall dramatic Rogers bridal portraits back of dress on stairs

Bailey was one of my sweetest, goofiest students, and she still is that way today. I was so happy that I got to take part in these Rogers bridal portraits and their Mayflower wedding. It will probably be a month or two, but I’ll make sure to show off their big day on the blog.

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