Basic Photography Class for Beginners

After going to Fayetteville High School and working with the photo 1 classes, I started to feel the need to go teach again. No, I’m not going back to being a full time teacher, but I am interested in teaching people about photography. Tons of people have DSLRs these days, but I’d guess that 75% of them really don’t know how to use them. Many of them just throw the camera on an automatic mode and pray for good results. Well, I’d like to change that and help people create better photos. I’m going to be offering a basic photography class for beginners in the near future, maybe January. I think this will help with my teaching urges and help some people take control of that camera.

Basic Photography Class for Beginners

Many of the things I will be covering will be the same things I’d taught the photo 1 students. We will start with the basics of how a camera works, and then we’ll move to the things they can adjust to affect a photo. This is really where new photographers struggle the most. Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO can be really confusing for them.

Once they understand how to create a proper exposure and how those three thing affect the look of a photo, we’ll move into composition and elements of a photo. That sounds confusing, but it’s basically how to organize your photo to make it look the best/most interesting.

After that, I plan on opening the floor to any questions regarding the things we talked about or particular situations. Many amateurs get frustrated because they wanted to take a photo in a certain situation, but it wasn’t working out and they couldn’t figure it out. Sports would be one of those situations for a lot of people.

With whatever time is left, I’ll go out and allow everyone to practice. This might just be wandering around or maybe we’ll even have a model. Who knows. I guess it depends on what the people are interested in.

Well, those are my plans for teaching a basic photography class for beginners. I plan on picking a date soon and start selling spots pretty soon. I think it would be a great Christmas present for some people out there. If this goes well, I’ll probably do the basic class again later in the year and maybe even do some advanced classes. If you have any thoughts or interest, feel free to contact me.

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