Bentonville Bridal Portraits- Jessica

Bridal Portraits at 21C Museum and Motel

Occasionally I get to go to a new location, one that’s quite different than what I normally shoot, and this was the case with Jessica’s bridal portraits. We used 21c Museum and hotel for her bridal photos, and the location was perfect for something a little different.

21c is right off of the square in Bentonville, and it’s a very unique location. Inside the hotel, they have rooms of course, but what makes it unique is all the artwork. Throughout the whole hotel, there are art exhibits that rotate every few months. While we were there for the bridal portraits, they had turtles on the wall, spinning fans, some interesting but creepy portraits of kids, and this hanging sculpture of different hair. Not all of it really worked for what we were doing, but some of it turned out really cool.

We spent a good amount of time in a long hallway. In this hallway, they had tons of items that looked like pieces of paper. Some were hanging from the ceiling, some were on the wall, and some were on the floor. These pieces made a good backdrop for Jessica, and I used some to frame her.

After that, we found a few other places to use. We found this swerving blue couch. I had to avoid a few guests in the background and the hair sculpture, but it worked out in the end. Then, there was this wall of fans. I tried to be creative and shoot through the fans, but that didn’t work too well, so I just used the fans as a background. Then, on one of the floors of the hotel, there is this crazy colored wall paper. It really worked in contrast with Jessica’s white dress. Right outside the building was out last spot. They made a bench out of concrete suitcases. It was probably not the most comfortable seat, but with the light and pose, it made a nice photo.

bridal portraits in museum bridal portraits standing in museum bridal portraits leaning against wall bridal portraits headshot bridal portraits seated on blue couch bridal portraits black and white dramatic bridal portraits colorful wall bridal portraits seated outside on benchThere were other spots inside that I would like to use in the future at 21c like there bar, but I was extremely pleased with what we accomplished in the time there. Jessica’s bridal portraits were interesting and beautiful. We also went back for her wedding, which was just as creative and fun.

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