bridal portrait with ruffled dress

Botanical Gardens Bridal Portraits: Morgan

This has been the summer of Morgan. Interesting enough I had two brides named Morgan that got married pretty close to each other. Sometimes I got a little confused when looking at emails and lists, but I’m so glad I got to work with both of them.  Another thing that made them similar is they both did bridal portraits instead of engagements, which isn’t the norm. I’ve already shared Morgan H.’s bridal portraits at Matt Lane Farm, so I thought I’d share Morgan C.’s Botanical Gardens bridal portraits.

Botanical Gardens Bridal Portraits: Morgan

The Botanical Gardens is located in east Fayetteville, and it’s a beautiful place with lots of plants and flowers. I haven’t been there a ton myself, but from what I understand it’s really popular. Besides the flowers, they do have some structures for kids to play around on, but it’s not really a playground or anything.

Botanical Gardens Bridal Portraits bridal portrait with ruffled dress

For Morgan’s bridals, we spent all of our time inside Botanical Gardens. I didn’t really know what they had, so we just kind of walked around and found spots. The most interesting background was the first place we stopped. They have this giant, wire, egg shaped structure. It has some plant growth around it, but for the most part, it’s uncovered and you can see through it. We had Morgan stand in the middle of it, and got a really cool photo with the structure and the sky. Besides that, we used some trails, the big wooden structure where they have ceremonies, and a spot by the water.

bridal portrait seated on rock wall Botanical Gardens Ceremony site bridal portrait with small waterfall and trees

Morgan is such a kind person and she brought along her friends, so we just had an overall great time. Her Botanical Gardens bridal portraits turned out awesome, and her wedding was just as awesome. I’ll be sharing it soon, so be on the lookout.

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