bridal portraits at old movie theatre

Bridals at The Apollo on Emma

I love getting to take photos in a venue for the first time. The Apollo on Emma has been around for several years, but somehow, I had never been in there. There were several times I had walked past it, but I had no clue what the inside was like. I was so pumped to take bridals at the Apollo on Emma with Erin.

Bridals at The Apollo on Emma

So, the only problem with bridals is I have to wait until after the wedding to share. Well, yesterday was Erin’s big day, so now I can finally show these awesome photos off. Happy wedding day Erin!

bridal bouquet from Rose of Sharon (
A big thanks to Rose of Sharon for hooking me up with these beautiful flowers!

outside of the Apollo on Emma

Another great thing about venues is hearing the story. Some were built from scratch while others were something old and completely redone. Both are awesome. You’ve got places like Willow Brooke Farm that was built for their daughter’s wedding. Then you have places like The Ravington that was an old brick building. The Apollo on Emma falls into the second category.

bride leaning against wall

One of my favorite things to do is watch movies, and guess what, the Apollo is an old movie theatre! Yes, how cool is that? On the outside of the building, they still have the marquee and box office, and on the inside, you have a big lobby and a giant room that was the theatre. Then, upstairs was the projector room, but now it can be used as a room for the guys.

noire style bridal portraitbride against mirror

I thought that was all there was to the Apollo. Turns out they also have a covered outside area and are looking to expand into the building next to them. That’s amazing considering their location. They are in the heart of Springdale, so space and land are really hard to come by.

bridal portrait with reflectionbridal portrait at the Apollo on EmmaI had such a fun time with Erin at the Apollo on Emma. The place just screams classy, which is one of my favorite things. I did some lighting to try to replicate some of the old noire films. I’ve always like that dramatic look. My favorite shot that I did this was was a reflection in the mirror. It took a while to figure out exactly where I wanted her to stand. Another shot that I felt fit with the timeframe was with Erin reclined on the counter in the lobby.

dramatic bridal portrait with chandeliers

Outside, we played around their fence and covered area, and then we moved to the front of the building to the marquee. I had to stand a half in the road to get the shot, so I’d take a few photos and then jump out of the way. I really love the dark clouds and then the brightness of the marquee.

bridal portraits at old movie theatre

Exploring and trying new things is always fun, so this bridal shoot at the Apollo on Emma was just a blast! I hope Erin enjoyed the session as much as I did, and I hope she had a beautiful wedding! Also, a big thank you to Rose of Sharon for the beautiful bouquet!


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