Bride Freebies: 4 Free Guides to Help Brides

I love free stuff. Just recently, I found out I won two free tickets to see Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eats World. I’m probably saving around $100, and I don’t know if I would have gone if I hadn’t won, but I’m so stoked I did! There’s just something really exciting about getting something for free. Anyway, I’m all about helping out people and I like giving free things away as well, so today I’m sharing my bride freebies.

Bride Freebies: 4 Free Guides to Help Brides

NWA Wedding Venue Guide

Recently, I have been cranking out as much free stuff as I possibly can. I finished my NWA wedding venue guide about 3 months ago, and I’ve shared that with at least 20 brides. It’s a quick and easy way to compare several of the venues around here and there are some visuals as well.


There are several new venues or venues I haven’t photographed yet, so those didn’t make the guide. My plan, though, it to update it as I get real experience at each venue. Still, right now there’s about 25 venues in this bride freebie guide.

Wedding Day Timeline Template

One thing I help my couples with is creating a timeline. It’s something I do that really helps things go smoothly. Well, I’ve now found a way to help all brides with this. I created a wedding day timeline template. It’s an easy fill in the blank form with realistic times for all the normal wedding events.


There are two different options in the wedding schedule template: traditional and first look. Things will flow differently depending on which you choose. If you aren’t sure about having a first look, I wrote a post about the pros of having a first look. 

Engagement Session Help from these Bride Freebies

Most recently, I’ve created two more documents that are aimed at engagement sessions: a clothing guide and a posing guide.


The engagement session is the first photo experience for the couple, so I think it is extremely important that everything goes smoothly. If things are awkward or the couple doesn’t like the photos, they will feel anxious about the wedding.


I know we aren’t all professional models. That’s why I stay behind the camera and not in front of it. There are a few little things you can do to make yourself look better. In the guide, you’ll learn some of these tricks.

Two of the things that couples struggle with are the outfits and what to do in front of the camera. I think both of these guides can be really helpful and make the engagement session go wonderfully.

These guides are really just a pinch of all the free education I’ve put out there. This blog is the best source for all the things I’ve learned over the past 1o years of being a wedding photographer. If you’re looking for more help, I’d suggest you check out the For Brides section. Still not finding the answers? Feel free to reach out and ask me directly. You can go to the Contact section and I’ll be in touch within a day.

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