Busy Weekend of Photography

Photography is a strange business. Things tend to go in ebbs and flows. There are certain times of the year when nothing is going on, and then there are other times where life is crazy busy. October has been a crazy month for me, and I’m about to have a super busy weekend of photography. I’m not complaining by any means, but it is going to be physically and mentally exhausting.

Busy Weekend of Photography

Friday isn’t technically the weekend, but I’m including it because it’s the start of this marathon of photography and the busiest day. I think I packed about as much stuff into Friday as I possibly could. I actually just added something else two days ago to it. On Friday, I have two family sessions, one promotional shoot, one senior shoot, and one meeting. Some of these shoots are shorter, but I have it basically where I’m starting at 9 and should be done by 6:30. It’s going to be an interesting mix of things in one long day.

Saturday is just as long but really different. For the majority of my Saturday, I’ll be at a Crossfit event at Crossfit 540. This should be a fun time for me. There’s not a lot of pressure because it’s not a paying gig, and I get to watch people compete all day. I won’t be there till the end because at 4 I have an engagement session. That will be a fun switch from shooting the competition.

Sunday is a bit calmer. It’s a good way to end the weekend. I have one family session and then one senior session, and that’s still a good three hours or more of shooting, but that’s nothing compared to the two previous days.

After this busy weekend of photography, I’m going to probably take a day off from everything. I have to be careful because since I work most weekends, I end up working 7 days a week sometimes. Monday and Tuesday might be my real weekend next week. Again, I’m not complaining. I love photography and I love shooting a ton of different things, but it still can be exhausting.

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