Candace and John’s Wedding at Mount Sequoyah

One really fun thing about being a wedding photographer is I will often get to shoot multiple weddings for the same friend group. Usually it starts off with one friend hiring us, and then after that someone else in the wedding hires us, or a relative hires us, or someone that was just there. Whoever they are, I love getting to work with the same groups multiple times. Candace and John’s Wedding at Mount Sequoyah was one of these situations. They were actually the third wedding we did for the same friend group. The first two were awesome, and they did not disappoint.

Candace and John’s Wedding at Mount Sequoyah

Well, this whole thing started off several years ago with Andrea and Shawn’s wedding. During her wedding, we got to meet the lovely and super friendly Heather. Heather wasn’t even engaged at that point, but she told us that day she wanted to hire us. How cool is that. We did a video for Heather’s wedding, and through that we met Candace and John.

dress hanging from a tree branch Bride smiling at wedding at mount Sequoyah groom getting ready black and white bride looking off and holding bouquet high angle portrait of bride coming down the aisle at mount sequoyah backlit portrait of couple at mount sequoyah couple portrait on rock wall in black and white bride and groom smiling together sunset kiss at mount Sequoyah wedding photo in front of cross at mount Sequoyah

The thing that always sticks out in my mind about this friend group is how much fun they are. They like to party and they love to be with their friends. It’s alway a blast to be around them. I never know what to expect. It could be groomsmen wearing a vest with no shirt underneath, someone pinching my butt, or a whole other level of shenanigans.

Anyway, Candace and John’s wedding was a perfect mixture of lovely and fun. The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was nice and bright and Mount Sequoyah did not disappoint. The boys were their normal selves and left me laughing all night long. I think one of my favorite moments from the night was watching the bridesmaids cry during Candace’s dance with her father. That’s how much they all care for each other.

Candace and John’s Wedding at Mount Sequoyah was the third wedding in this friend group, and I’m excited to say I’ll be working with one of their sisters this May! If the pattern continues, it will be a night to remember.

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