Candice’s Arkansas Wedding Video

Not everyone wants a big video production for their wedding, but it is nice to at least capture the ceremony, so you can go back and watch it later. For Candice, that’s exactly what we did. We made her an Arkansas wedding video that was only of the ceremony.

We don’t do this often, but when we do it’s a nice change. We really spend about an hour and a half on it, and then we’re done. We get there about 45 minutes before the ceremony to set up. Then, we mic people, shoot the ceremony, and tear down.

Candice’s wedding was outside, so it was even easier for us to do. Normally lighting and space can be an issue for video. Chapels can be dark and are usually limited on how much room there is. When we shoot outside we have a lot of light and lots of space.

Candice seemed like a really sweet girl, and from what I saw, it was a beautiful day. Go to the link to check out her Arkansas wedding video.

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