engagement photo at Compton Gardens

Carly and Steve’s Engagement Session at Compton Gardens

I have been so busy the last few weeks. I think everyone is trying to get their photos done before the weather changes. I’ve had some proposals, several weddings, and then a ton of engagement sessions. It’s been so much fun going to do different places and meeting new people. A few weekends ago, I got to hang out with Carly and Steve to do their engagement session at Compton Gardens.

Carly and Steve’s Engagement Session at Compton Gardens

I’ve done several different engagement sessions at Compton Gardens, but this one was quite different than the rest. Compton Gardens is huge, so there are plenty of places to go and get beautiful shots. We wandered around for about 30 minutes before we moved on. Poor Carly had a cut on her foot, but she was a trooper through the whole thing.

couple standing on rock bridge engagement photo at Compton Gardens

After Compton Gardens, we headed towards Crystal Bridges. There was a structure they were really interested in using. Luckily, the people there let us cut through the museum or we would have had to walk all the way around. That place is so cool. I really need to go check it out. While there, I ran into my friend William; I second shot his wedding back in the day.

engagement photo sitting on his lap

Crystal Bridges Museum

The structure was this giant golf ball-like structure with a bunch of holes in it. It was really interesting. We did a few things with that and then found two other spots just in that area to do more engagement photos.

engagement photo at Crystal Bridges

Carly and Steve were awesome through all of it. They were down for whatever I threw at them, and they kept me entertained through the walking. They also educated me on higher end sunglasses. I’ve always bought cheaper ones, but I might splurge for a pair now.

engagement session at Compton gardens close up of engagement ring

We still have several months until Carly and Steve’s big day. These two are a special couple, and to make things even better, their wedding will be on my birthday week! Excited for all of it! Hope you enjoyed their engagement session at Compton Gardens in Bentonville.


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