Caroline’s Northwest Arkansas Wedding Video

Like many weddings in the past year, we’ve been lucky enough to capture the day through photography and video. A few days ago, I posted the photography side of the day, and today, I’m really excited to share her Northwest Arkansas wedding video.

Caroline’s Northwest Arkansas Wedding Video: Capturing the Day

The majority of our videos have about 3-4 hours of coverage, and we’ve found that is a good amount, but if I’m doing photography as well, I try to capture even more video for the couple. To do this, I take a video camera on a tripod along with me and just let it roll while I take photos. For Caroline’s big day, I did this for the getting ready part, the first look, and some dancing later in the night.

Caroline’s Northwest Arkansas Wedding Video: The Reception

I love photos, of course, but the video was able to get a better feel for the reception. There was a lot of dancing, a live band, and tons of decorative lighting. The video gives the couple another way to remember that part of the day, besides just look at one still moment.

Caroline decided to get the ceremony video and the movie trailer, so she got a good overall coverage of the day. The ceremony shows exactly what happened, while the movie trailer summarizes the entire day into a 5-8 minute film. This way, in the future, she can watch one for some quick memories or go back and watch the entire ceremony.

I loved being a part of Caroline and Jerry’s wedding, and I’m glad that we could do both their photos and their video. It makes me feel like we were even a bigger part when we do that. Caroline’s Northwest Arkansas wedding videos are linked in the paragraph above, so go and check out how they turned out.

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