Sarah’s Bridal Session at Mount Sequoyah

back of bride's dress

I love when I get to do bridal sessions! Everyone does an engagement session, but very few do bridals. I guess I need to make people read my post about why bridals sessions are important. Anyway, Sarah had a bridal session at Mount Sequoyah, and it turned out beautifully! Sarah’s Bridal Session at Mount Sequoyah […]

Emily’s Unique Locations for Bridal Portraits

bridal portrait in front of greenhouse

Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to share this amazing bridal session. It had super unique locations for bridal portraits When you blog as much as I do, sometimes you miss something and you don’t realize it for a while. Anyway, I was about to share Emily and Denny’s wedding and that’s when I realized […]

Remmy’s Bridal Portraits at the Brick Ballroom

bridal portrait silhouette in front of windows

I love doing bridal sessions, but there is one major issue. I have to wait till after the wedding to show any of them off, and I don’t like waiting! My kids are the same way. I’ll be baking cookies and they will keep asking me over and over again if they are ready. Holden […]

Tate and Elizabeth’s engagement and bridal shoot combo

Engagement photo in the woods like a magazine

We did something a little different and special for Tate and Elizabeth. We actually pulled off an engagement shoot and a bridal shoot in the same afternoon. That’s pretty crazy now that I think about it. Normally each one of those would take close to two hours, but we pulled off both in about three […]

3 Reasons You should have a Bridal Portrait Session

The Most Popular Wedding Months: September and October

Most people think wedding photographers simply take photos, but truthfully, we do much more than that. We actually wear many hats throughout the entire process. One of those is being a trusted advisor. I love helping couples out in the early stages of planning a wedding. Most couples have only been to 3-5 weddings, so […]

Lauren’s Staircase Bridal Portraits

Backgrounds and the environment are something that I often have no control over. I have to deal with all sorts of messes, and I usually just try to blur out the background and shoot tight to hide most things. For Lauren’s bridal portraits, the background was not an issue; it was beautiful. We went to […]

Ashley’s Arkansas Bridal Portraits at Magnolia Gardens

Ashley is a rock star and I loved taking her Arkansas bridal portraits at Magnolia Gardens. This was my first time to the location, so I enjoyed going around and trying to find all the good spots. It was also helpful because this was where the wedding would be as well, so I had a […]

Hannah’s Fayetteville Bridal Portraits

Hannah is such a sweetie. She is just the kind-hearted, soft spoken girl. I use to work with her mom back in my Rogers days, so I was really thrilled to be able to work with her. Like I said, Hannah doesn’t seem to be the type of girl to want a lot of attention, but […]

Different Editing Styles for Wedding Photographers

Styles come and styles go. This happens in all aspects of life. You see it in building design, interior decorations, clothing, hair, and also in photography. There are different editing styles for wedding photographers, and these styles and techniques go in and out of fashion just like all of those other things. This brings up […]

Removing Flaws with Photoshop

Everyone stresses over having their picture taken, even photographers. I think we are all self-conscious to a degree. We tend to see ourselves differently than everyone else and magnify the flaws. Today with all the tools available to photographers, people shouldn’t stress as much. During the editing stage, many of those perceived flaws could be […]