Flashpoint System from Adorama for Wedding Photography

If you’ve followed my work and my blog over the years, you’d know I’m a huge fan of gear and especially flash. I’ve probably spent as much on flash equipment as I’ve spent on camera bodies and lenses. I’ve always felt that flash can really make the difference in either getting a photo or not […]

Flashpoint Xplor 600 TTL Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an equipment review. Maybe that means I’ve finally got my spending under control (probably not). I’m always looking at and reading about new lighting equipment, and the Xplor 600 got my attention. It’s a powerful, portable strobe with a built in battery. It reminded me a lot of the […]

Flashpoint Xplor 600 for Weddings

I’ve said it a hundred times or more: I love lighting equipment! I use lighting for almost all parts of a wedding, especially portraits. Right now my big portable light is the Profoto AcuteB2 Air. It’s a power, portable lighting system, and I really do like it. Why then, am I considering changing and using […]

Altura Sensor Cleaning Kit Review

For all of you out there that shoot a good amount and change lenses, you’ve probably noticed black spots starting to show up on your images over time. It might be one spot or a bunch of little spots. These little black spots are caused by pieces of dust on the sensor that have gathered […]

Impact Foldable Beauty Dish Review

I have a lot of lighting equipment. My wife would say too much. Lighting is the main thing I do to differentiate myself from other photographers. I think the right lighting can turn an ordinary photo into something extraordinary. There are a lot of different tools I use and one of my newest ones is […]

Profoto Acute B for Weddings

I think I’ve finally found the lighting equipment I’ve been looking for. I’ve tried many different things from speedlights to strobes. I’ve owned the Profoto Acute B2 for around 8 months now, and I am loving it. I mainly use the Profoto Acute B for weddings, but it really is a great light for all […]

Prime vs. Zoom Lenses

Yesterday when I was shooting at the Metsquerade event, I was switching between two cameras because we were printing on site at two printers. My Nikon camera had a 24-70mm lens on it, and my Canon camera had a 35mm on it. The 35mm wasn’t mine, so this was the first time I’ve ever shot […]

Pelican 1510 Case Review

When you have as much equipment as I do and do as many different things as I do, carrying equipment can be a major problem. When we are doing photos and video, I will bring 6 camera bodies, lenses, flashes, transmitters, audio equipment, and more. In the past, I was using whatever I could to […]

Switching to Canon?

Yesterday we shot a wedding and did photo and video, and I once again was confronted with how much equipment I have. Now, I’m not saying I don’t need all of the equipment because I really do. We used every piece of equipment that we brought. The bigger thing that I noticed is that I […]

Westcott Rapid Box Octa Review

I’ve always loved the idea of being able to go anywhere and create beautiful light, but to do this, you usually need some kind of modifier. My favorite modifier has been the Octabox for several years. It creates a nice wrapping, soft light. I’ve been able to use them inside pretty easily, but when it […]