Wedding Photography Equipment: I’ve got an Addiction

Ugh, I almost hate writing this post, but I feel like it will be good for me to share. The first step is to admit you have a problem, right? Anyway, if you read my blog post at the beginning of the year about my goals, one of them was to spend like $1000 on […]

Flex TT5 Features: TTL

I’ve had my pair of Nikon Flex TT5’s for less than a week, and I’m already pretty intrigued/excited. A few days ago I talked about their Hypersync capabilities for going beyond the normal sync speed. It is a great feature, but there are some other Flex TT5 features as well. Today we’re looking at their […]

Using Hypersync on the Flex TT5

I love technology and I love using flash to make dramatic photos. Well, today I got in a set of Pocketwizard Flex TT5 transmitters. These transmitters send a signal from the camera to a flash and tell it to fire, but they do so much more. The big feature, and the reason I bought them, […]

Video Equipment: Glidecam 4000 Pro

The world of wedding videos is still relatively new to me compared to my experience with photography, and I’m still finding ways to increase the production value of my films. One item that I’ve had sitting around for a long time but I’m just now starting to use is the Glidecam 4000 Pro and I really […]

Portable flash: Profoto Acute B

Light is necessary for photos, and many times I find myself needing to add light to my photos. A big part of my style has become using off camera flash to create dramatic photos. I’ve been exploring the best way to do this for several years, and I’ve bounced back and forth between several different options. […]

A Positive Experience with Nikon Repair Center

If you own enough equipment for long enough, something is going to break. In my 10 years or so of working with Nikon equipment, I’ve really only had a few issues: broken shutters, banged up lens, and a broken flash. When this happens, the only real option to fix it is to send it off […]

Canon 70D Review for Video

When I first started off in video, my biggest concern was the ability to focus the camera. There were a lot of camcorders out there that had autofocus, but with camcorders, you lose that cinematic look and the low light ability that you get with DSLRs. Then, I heard about the Canon 70D. It was a […]

Nikon Sb-910 Review for Wedding Photographers

It’s been awhile since I talked about any equipment and I was having this conversation with a fellow photographer recently, so I thought I’d talk about the main flash/speedlight I use, the Nikon Sb-910. Now, in this Nikon SB-910 review, I will mainly focus on how well it works for wedding photography, but you could […]

Continuous Lighting for Photography

B&H has been having daily deals for several months now, and awhile back they had the Impact Soft’n Natural Kit on sale for $250. I’ve got a lot of lights already, but flashes can’t do all the same things that continuous lighting can. Today I’ll talk about my opinion of this kit and what it […]

Flash Options for Dramatic Portraits

For several years I’ve been working on my personal style and I’ve always wanted to create dramatic, artistic photos, the ones with colorful skies and the subject lit up. To create these photos, you need a lighting system that’s portable and powerful. Today I did some experimenting with several of my lights to see which might […]