Looking at an Image Before and After Photoshop

A few days ago at an engagement shoot, I started talking to the groom about Photoshop. We joked around about some things, and it did remind me how much Photoshopping something has become a part of the culture. I don’t know how many times I’ve been shooting something and someone would say, “Oh, he can […]

Flex TT5 Features: TTL

I’ve had my pair of Nikon Flex TT5’s for less than a week, and I’m already pretty intrigued/excited. A few days ago I talked about their Hypersync capabilities for going beyond the normal sync speed. It is a great feature, but there are some other Flex TT5 features as well. Today we’re looking at their […]

Using Hypersync on the Flex TT5

I love technology and I love using flash to make dramatic photos. Well, today I got in a set of Pocketwizard Flex TT5 transmitters. These transmitters send a signal from the camera to a flash and tell it to fire, but they do so much more. The big feature, and the reason I bought them, […]

Portable flash: Profoto Acute B

Light is necessary for photos, and many times I find myself needing to add light to my photos. A big part of my style has become using off camera flash to create dramatic photos. I’ve been exploring the best way to do this for several years, and I’ve bounced back and forth between several different options. […]

Continuous Lighting for Photography

B&H has been having daily deals for several months now, and awhile back they had the Impact Soft’n Natural Kit on sale for $250. I’ve got a lot of lights already, but flashes can’t do all the same things that continuous lighting can. Today I’ll talk about my opinion of this kit and what it […]

Flash Options for Dramatic Portraits

For several years I’ve been working on my personal style and I’ve always wanted to create dramatic, artistic photos, the ones with colorful skies and the subject lit up. To create these photos, you need a lighting system that’s portable and powerful. Today I did some experimenting with several of my lights to see which might […]