How to Create a Photography Workflow

bride walking down the aisle in the chapel ruins at Sassafras Springs Vineyard

I like routines. I have a routine for when I wake up, making breakfast, getting the kids ready, going to sleep, and about everything I do throughout the day. Routines make life smoother because I already know what to do and I’ve done it enough that I can do it quickly without even thinking about […]

How to Build a Photography Website

black and white engagement photo

Here we are on day 7 and we are getting past some general ideas into some real work. If you don’t already have one, you need to get a website to show off all of your work and to get leads. I remember when I first started out 8 years ago. I ended up coding […]

Learn to Run a Photography Business

groomsmen looking cool in black and white

Happy Monday everyone! We are starting our second and final week of the series on how to become a wedding photographer. I hope all of this has been helpful. I know just writing and thinking about it has made me refocus my efforts in some areas, so even I’m getting something out of it. If […]

Wedding Photography is a Business

Wedding Photography is a Business

I’ve been a wedding photographer close to 9 years now, but those first few years, it was more of a hobby than a real business. I just kind of did it here and there without any real thought to what I was doing. My pricing was random, I didn’t have a website, I had no […]

Wedding Photography Education: Your Chance to Succeed

Arkansas bridal portrait at Compton Gardens

Welcome to day four of our guide to becoming a wedding photographer. Yesterday I shared my thoughts on the best overall investment for photographers, and if you read all of it, I did bring up a second place investment: education. I’m a former teacher, so I really do believe in education. Over the past 8 […]

The Best Investment for Photographers

Best Investment for Photographers

This is day 3 of my two week stretch of writing about becoming a wedding photographer or just a better photographer in general. So far I’ve managed to keep up and post every day. We started out with the question of should you be a wedding photographer, and yesterday I talked about how to get […]

Should You Be a Wedding Photographer?

hispanic wedding snake tradition

I just realized how little I have been blogging in the past three months. This tends to happen every year. It gets to be my busy season (13 weddings in 3 months so far), and I just get so busy doing other things that I forget to blog. Then, I remember and I get really […]

Flashpoint System from Adorama for Wedding Photography

If you’ve followed my work and my blog over the years, you’d know I’m a huge fan of gear and especially flash. I’ve probably spent as much on flash equipment as I’ve spent on camera bodies and lenses. I’ve always felt that flash can really make the difference in either getting a photo or not […]

Gifts for Engaged Couples

Weddings are special, and being part of that, I want to do everything I can to make the wedding experience wonderful. One thing I’ve done in the past and I want to continuing doing is giving gifts to my engaged couples or maybe after the wedding. I’ve done a lot of different gifts for engaged […]

Photographers Need Professional Equipment

Photographers Need Professional Equipment

Yesterday I decided to try something different. I’ve been using Sony cameras for video for several months now, but I’ve never really tried it for photography. Well, I just bought a Sony lens, so I could actually use the autofocus. All of my other lenses use an adapter and only do manual focus. Anyway, it […]