The Value of Photos

I honestly try to practice what I preach, and I believe in the things I tell my clients. Today, I had a little experience that really connected with the value of photos So, I have three children running around the house and the youngest is a little over one. He is the destroyer of things. […]

How much are your Photos Worth?

I talk to a lot of people on a weekly basis, and the most common question that gets brought up is, “How much does it cost?” Now, I’m not saying this question isn’t a good one, but I feel like people are too caught up on price. There are other things that should be considered […]

What are your photos worth?

Alright, so I finally got around to what I promised back in a previous blog. I’m now shooting webinars and photography videos! I honestly don’t know how often I will be putting them out, but please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channels, you will be automatically informed when I produce something new. Anyway, […]

Reliving Moments Through Photography

When you’re a photographer, you take thousands and thousands of photos. The past few days, I have been moving around and cleaning up hard drives to make space and to organize things in general. While I was doing this, I would randomly click on a file within a shoot to see what it was. There were […]

My Spiritual Journey

I’ve announced that I’ve stopped teaching and moved to photography several times over the past few months, but I’ve never really shared my spiritual journey that has gotten me to this point. If you’re offended by religion or just not interested in reading about it, feel free to stop reading. If you continue to read, I hope what […]

Avoid Having Too Much Stress

Oh my goodness. I’ve got so much stuff going on in the next month. This week I have the Sheep Dog Impact Association gala this Friday and the Metsquerade event the following Saturday. Both events aren’t that difficult as far as the shooting goes, but there is a lot to deal with the set up. […]

4 Months to Change

So today I’m starting a four month journey I am calling 4 months to change. This isn’t directly a photography thing, it’s a diet/exercise program, but it does have some indirect connections to, so I’ll explain what I’m doing and then how this is related to photography. 4 Months to Change As far as I […]