Live Streaming: Still a Great Option

Things changed in many ways back in 2020 with Covid. Weddings were still happening but the guest lists were limited and many people were afraid to go to weddings. The problem was that people still wanted to feel like they were there. That’s why live streaming became such a big deal. Yes, people have been […]

Dealing with Loss and the Importance of Photos

I’ve been photographing weddings for roughly 15 years now, and one thing I’ve said over and over again is how important photos are for remembering the ones we love. There have been several times throughout the years that a photo I took was the last photo of someone. Anytime I’d hear that, I’d feel sad […]

Weddings in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Holy cow! It’s been 6 months since I wrote any kind of blog post. Part of that is due to how many weddings I’ve been shooting, and part of it was just me not feeling like it. Writing can be a lot of work, and sometimes I would spend a week writing one article. Anyway, […]

12 Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable

There are so many cool ways to make your wedding day special. I’ve seen all types of wedding themes, wedding exits, centerpieces, and really cool cakes. One other thing that you can do that is fun to watch but also has a much deeper meaning is a unity ceremony. Today, we will talk about what […]

Courtney and Matt Wedding

Once again I’m way behind of sharing my beautiful couples and their stories. Still, better late than never. Today, I’m sharing Courtney and Matt’s Kansas City Wedding at 2016 Main. You might remember them from their engagement session at Shawnee Mission Park. Unfortunately, they couldn’t bring their dogs to the wedding, but instead, they brought […]

December Wedding at Barn at the Springs

I’ve been out of teaching for over 5 years now. The last group of people I taught are now freshmen in college. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to photograph former students and their weddings. Soon, I’ll be running out of former students. It makes me sad, but for now, I’m still loving working with […]

Winter Wedding at Barn at the Springs

portraits outside of St. Thomas Aquinas

2020 was a weird year for everyone, but I got to finish it off with an amazing wedding! I don’t get a lot of December weddings, so I was pumped when I met Dom and Mackenzie. They bought their ring from the Diamond Center, so they got a free engagement shoot with me. I had […]

Planning a Backyard Wedding: Challenges, Ideas and More!

Planning a wedding is never easy. But planning one in your backyard? That can make things even more challenging. Learn about the pros and cons of doing it on your own property, along with some creative ideas to help you think outside the box.