Live Streaming a Funeral or Memorial Service


The world has changed so much in the past 6 months since Covid hit. Weddings were one of those areas that really got thrown around. People were not allowed to have weddings at first, and now, numbers are still limited. When all of this hit, a new thing popped up: live streaming. We have streamed […]

Wedding at Willow Brooke Farm

I love photos, but I also really love and appreciate video. If you really care about your wedding, you should do both! We do video and photo together quite often, but occasionally, I get to go and do video by itself. Faith and Joe ‘s wedding at Willow Brooke Farm was one of those situations. […]

Wedding Video at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

We do video…actually a lot of video, but we are mainly known for our photography. Usually people book us first for photography and then add on video. Occasionally, someone will find us and we just do video. I actually really love it when this happens because that means I’m the one that gets to shoot […]

Wedding at Lionsgate Event Center: Jordan and Kristen

bridal party tossing confetti

A few weeks ago was the Super Bowl. Now, this year wasn’t the most exciting or entertaining game, but in general, the Super Bowl is the “big game.” I love all weddings, but occasionally, I will have a wedding that I would compare to the Super Bowl. Jordan and Kristen’s wedding at Lionsgate Event Center […]

Wedding film at St. Anthony’s on the Creek: Stacey & Scot

A few days ago, I found a photo from high school of myself with some football friends. That photo means so much to me because that friend died my freshman year of college. Photos are so important. They capture people and moments and help us remember. Stacey and Scot’s weddings photo were beautiful, and I […]

Wedding Film at the Barn at the Springs: Sarah and Levi

wedding film at the Barn at the Springs

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you never know who you will meet and the impact it will have on your life. We all go throughout our day and interact with all types of people, and you never know what will come from those interactions. I had one of those experiences back […]

Phoebie and Kyle’s Wedding at Fairlane Station

If you haven’t checked out the homepage lately, you might not have noticed the change. I’ve decided to make a donation for every wedding I book. The two options are a group in Rwanda and Sheep Dog Impact Assistance here in Northwest Arkansas. I’ve been photographing the annual SDIA gala for probably 5 years now, […]

Brooke and Nick’s wedding film at Willow Brooke Farm

One of my favorite things about being in the wedding world is seeing all the venues and locations out there. A good chunk of the time I work at a venue I’ve already visited, but occasionally I get to go to someplace for the first time or a new wedding venue opens. For Brooke and […]

Sony A7iii S&Q Mode

I’ve been playing with my new camera, the Sony A7iii for about a month now, and I’ve really been impressed. It’s great for photo and video, but today, I’m taking a look at one of the video features my son loves. Holden is always wanting to do things in slow motion. Many of the phones […]

Dan and Jennifer’s Wedding Ceremony Video

Weddings are such an amazing occasion and so special. I love being part of them. For Dan and Jennifer, we got to do a lot of things. We shot engagement photos and their wedding, and we even made them a wedding ceremony video. We did much more for the engagement and wedding photography, but the […]