Jenny and Harrison Wedding

bride and groom in front of marquee lights

Holy cow, I am so far behind on blogging about my wonderful couples and their weddings. Jenny and Harrison got married a while back (cough, cough, 2021) at the Stone Chapel and MattLane Farm, but I love them so much and they had so many fun things at the wedding, that I feel like I […]

Alyssa and Austin’s wedding in Illinois

illinois wedding photos

A few days ago, I shared Alyssa’s bridal session from St. Louis. Well, today we travel even further. We actually crossed the line and went into Illinois for their wedding. This was only my second wedding ever in the state, and it was a special one. Alyssa and Austin are a special couple. Like I […]

Energetic August Wedding

A few days ago I shared one of my two August weddings, Paige and Jesse’s wedding at the Atrium, and today, I thought I’d jump in and share the other August wedding. It’s October which means I’m about to be super swamped, so I might as well blog while I can. Check out Brooklynn and […]

Wedding at the Atrium Wedding Venue: Paige and Jesse

wedding at the Atrium wedding venue

August is one of those months that I never know what I’m going to get. This year, I was lucky to have two August weddings. The first was Paige and Jesse’s wedding at the Atrium. This was a lovely surprise for so many reasons, and I’m so pumped I get to share it with you. […]

Willow Brooke Farm Wedding Venue in Hindsville

Northwest Arkansas is such a great area! It continues to grow and new and amazing wedding venues keep popping up. Several years ago, I was lucky enough to be involved with the first ever wedding at Willow Brooke Farm in Hindsville. Since then, I’ve done photography and videography at this wonderful wedding venue tons of […]

Wedding at Das Bevo in St. Louis


I’ve been really lucky to find some amazing couples in Kansas City and St. Louis that I never would have had a chance to meet. Every few months I run an engagement shoot contest, and I get a ton of entries. Megan and Alex were one of those couples, and I’m so happy I met […]

Emily and Jared’s Unique Wedding at the Stone Chapel

smiling couple in front of stone chapel

Every time I meet a new couple I have no idea what to expect. All my couples are so different, and it makes life really exciting. With Emily and Jared, I quickly found out that they were going to be so much fun and have a really unique wedding at the Stone Chapel at Mattlane […]

Fall Wedding at Willow Brooke Farm

sunlit wedding portrait at willow brooke farm

October and fall were crazy this year for weddings. I believe overall we had 9 weddings in 3 different states! It was busy, but I really loved traveling and seeing so many wonderful people. One weekend, we actually had 3 weddings. I traveled to St. Louis for a Friday wedding, and then to KC for […]

Wonderfully Nerdy Wedding: Keilya and William Wedding

Star Wars wedding photo

Personality, personality, personality…I might say it one more time, personality. I really don’t know how else to describe Keilya and William or their wedding. They are both characters and love having a good time and put so much of their personalities into their wedding. It had me smiling the entire time and searching for more […]