Celebration of Smiles Charity Photo Shoot

One thing I really love about being a full time photographer is the things I can do now that I have more time. Since August, I’ve been reaching out to organizations and trying to find ways to volunteer and give back. I’ve been working with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance for several years and just started helping at the Metsquerade gala last year, and I’ve done some work for Souls Harbor this year. I’m really excited to announce I’ll be doing a Celebration of Smiles charity photo shoot on April 20th!

Celebration of Smiles Charity Photo Shoot

Celebration of Smiles is a nationwide campaign put together by Professional Photographers of America (PPA) to benefit Operation Smiles. Operation Smiles helps children born with a cleft lip by providing them with free corrective surgery. In most cases, the cost to fix a child’s smile through the program is only $240. Imagine that, changing a life for such a little cost.

The charity photo shoot is centered around the idea of an individual’s smile. I will be taking individual portraits and providing a 5×7. The minimum donation for the 5×7 is $24. The cool thing about that is that every 10 people that show up means one child can get the operation! Of course people can always donate a larger amount if they want to and have a bigger impact. This shoot could be beneficial for a lot of people. It could be used for photos of each child, a business headshot, even a high school senior, or just for fun!

Celebration of Smiles Charity Photo Shoot

Celebration of Smiles is on April 20th and there are 15 minute time slots starting at 2 pm and going all the way to 7 pm. I’ve also set up a way to schedule your shoot in advance. I highly suggest you take advantage of this. I’m also really excited to announce that our church, Keypoint, has volunteered to let us use their south campus for the shoot.

I really hope the Celebration of Smiles Charity Photo Shoot is a big success. As a photographer, smiles are extremely important to me, and I want every child to feel confident when he or she smiles. We have a chance to really help with this. Please share this information with as many people as you can. Let me know if you have any questions, and I can’t wait to see a lot of you on April 20th!

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