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Changing My Website

It seems that I’m always looking to change. I’ve changed my collections, my logo, and my website. Well, I’m actually considering changing my website once again. It seems to be running slow, it’s not showing up on Google as well as it used to, and I just feel like I can make it more attractive to couples.

Changing My Website…Again

I like creating something new, but I dread all the work and issues that I will run into. Last week, I shifted the website onto a new host, and it caused some issues. I was on chat with the company several times, and my main way of viewing my email got shut down. I’ve managed to fix all of the issues, but still, it was quite the pain.

changing my websiteI’ve been using WordPress for the past few years, and I plan on sticking with that route. It’s easier to jump from one theme to another and I can add plugins and do more customization.

WordPress Themes

The real question is what theme do I want to use. My current theme has about 10 different looks to it, so I might just pick one of those and start fresh. There are also plenty of free themes out there I could download. I might also look around at purchasing one. Most of them only cost about $40.

How to Arrange My Website

After I pick I theme, I’ll need to decide how to arrange things. For a while, I had a one-page site. That means basically everything can be found on the first page and you just keep scrolling down. People like to scroll, so that’s good, but I think having multiple pages helps with Google because it sees each page and one page might be slow to load. Right now I have multiple pages. The front page might have too much info on it, though.

Anyway, it looks like I have a lot to look at and consider. Changing things will be a bit of a pain, but change can be good. In the end, I hope this will provide a better experience for brides and lead to more weddings. If you have any thoughts or opinions on changing my website, I’d love to hear it.

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