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Common Wedding Problems and How to Handle Them

There’s so much more to planning a wedding than trying on pretty dresses and sipping on exotic wine. In fact, there are few things more guaranteed to drive your bonkers than planning your own wedding. Yes I said it, wedding planning can drive you nuts. If you are going to make it out in one piece, you need to take a step back, gather all the information you need and compose yourself accordingly. That’s why we’ve come up with this post, to provide you with a guideline on how to handle certain wedding problems that just keep knocking you off your feet.

Common Wedding Problems and How to Handle Them

  • What food to serve. On the surface, this seems like a problem with a very straight forward solution. I mean, just pay an amazing caterer to make amazing meals. Well, what happens when you start to take everyone’s dietary needs into consideration? The vegans, the lactose intolerant, the allergies, the gluten free, the diabetics. The last thing you want is to cause anyone emotional or physical harm at your wedding. If you’re going to keep up with all these needs without breaking the bank, you need to keep it simple. You can serve a classic entrée that contains meat and one that doesn’t. Also, your best bet would be to serve buffet style. That way, everyone gets to choose their own food and know what’s in it.

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  • Who to invite. Making a wedding guest list is a lot harder than it seems. This is one very common wedding issue. You don’t want to offend anyone by not inviting them, at the same time you can’t have everyone at your wedding at once. I mean, do I invite someone because we were at a work retreat together? Do I tell people they can’t bring their kids? Do I want people to come with plus ones? All of these questions make it very hard to come up with a concise guest list. However, the reality is some people just won’t make it and that’s okay. You have to brave up, decide the people you believe your wedding can’t do without and keep it at that. You can always explain to people that you were trying to cut costs and keep your wedding small, or you were trying to keep potential damage to the bare minimum by not allowing kids. At the end of the day, everyone is going to be okay.

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  • Who’s going to be in your wedding party. Choosing people for your wedding party requires that you put a lot of thought into it. Chances are you will be stressed and you don’t want anyone around causing drama. If your wedding party is not made of people who you’re close to, people who are actually your friends, you’re more likely to get upset.

Does your fiancé have a lot of friends? Another struggle couples have is getting an equal number of each side. The bride might want 10 and the groom might only have 3 close friends. If this is the case, you’ll either want to trim the numbers or search for more people to fit. One other option is to just have uneven sides.

  • Who gives the reception toast. Everyone wants their wedding toast to be one for the books. That’s why you need to be very strategic about who choose to give it. In general, it’s usually the best man and maid of honor. If you’re concerned about them, there are a few things you can do. One, don’t have toasts at all. Two, limit what they can talk about and ask to see a draft before the wedding day. If you just don’t think they are great public speakers, see if other people would like to talk after them to end on a high note.

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Solving Those Common Wedding Problems

Planning a wedding is no easy feat so we understand if you feel overwhelmed. Tackle some of these common weddings problems and everything should go smoothly. If you have more concerns, feel free to contact me. I’m here to help!

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