Creating a Schedule to Keep on Task

I am use to having structure in my life. For the past ten years I’ve had a set schedule and I had a bell to announce when it was time to move from one class to the next. Now that I’m out of the teaching world, I’ve found that I don’t have any set structure in my life anymore. I can wake up when I want, go wherever I want, and basically do things when I want to do them. This freedom has been quite nice, but I find myself not accomplishing as much or getting off track. To fix this, I’ve started creating a schedule to keep on task.

Creating a Schedule to Keep on Task

For the past two months or so, I’ve printed out a monthly schedule. On Sunday, I would sit down and write out all the things I had planned and needed to accomplish that week. After I finished a task on the calendar, I would highlight it. This allowed me to have a clear plan for each day instead of wondering what I should be doing. It also made me feel like I accomplished some things because I could see all the things I marked off for the day.

Things worked well, but they weren’t perfect at first. My major issue, and something I’ve always struggled with, was that I would plan too much. Things would always take longer or something else would pop up to distract me. I’d end up marking off about half of thing items on my list and have to move the others to another day. Now, I’ve learned that I should put one major item for each day and maybe two smaller things. That’s it.

This approach has worked well, but I would only plan things out a week in advance. This left me missing out on some opportunities. There are plenty of things that need to be figured out further ahead than one week. To make things even more organized, I’ve gone ahead and started planning out things for the entire year. There are some small tasks that I have added every week to my calendar, others that are twice a month, and then some big events that will happen once a year. Having all of this written down takes the thinking out of it. I can just look at my daily or weekly schedule and follow it.

Creating a schedule to stay on task

Some people are just naturally organized. I am not one of those people. I need something set out in front of me with steps that I can follow. Creating a schedule to keep on task has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for my business. I would highly suggest you do something similar whether you have your own business or if you’re just someone wanting to accomplish more. It could be the change you are needing.


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