Creating Environmental Wedding Portraits

There are so many wedding photographers in northwest Arkansas. It seems like I see a new name every week or so. I’m working to differentiate myself from the crowd by having a very distinct style so when someone sees a photo they automatically know it’s by me. To do this I’m working on creating environmental wedding portraits.

creating environmental wedding portraits

Creating Environmental Wedding Portraits

Every wedding photographer does portraits but I want mine to stick out from the rest. Most wedding portraits are shot during the day, with even lighting and usually blown out backgrounds. For my environmental portraits I want to capture the couple and the background in a dramatic way. I want the lighting to be dramatic with dark and light areas and I want the skies to pop.

Environmental portrait on motorcycles nvironmental engagement portrait on bridge

There are a few different ways I do this. The first way is to shoot out in the natural light like most wedding photographers do but instead of exposing for the faces I will expose for the background and add light to the front of the couple. Later in the night when it gets dark I like to steal the couple again to create something even more dramatic. Because it’s dark the lighting really sticks out in the photo. I usually do a combo of back lighting and front lighting in these situations.

creating environmental wedding photos Magnolia Gardens creating bridal portraits with large house

Creating environmental wedding portraits isn’t horribly difficult but it dies require lighting equipment and knowing how to use it. This is pretty scary for most wedding photographers so they don’t do it. I love flash so I will be creating these portraits as often as I can and hopefully this will become my signature look.

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