Creekwood Gardens Review from a Wedding Photographer

Venues can have a major impact on a wedding and wedding photography, depending on what it has to offer. A good wedding photographer should be able to adapt to any situation, but some venues make life easier than others. In small, dark venues, a wedding photographer will have little room to move and most likely have to use flash, while a large, well lit venue, gives the photographer more options. About a year ago, I shot at Creekwood Gardens for the first time, and it was truly a pleasant experience. In this Creekwood Gardens review, I’m going to cover all the great aspects of this venue.

Creekwood Gardens Review: Location

Location has a lot to do with the success of a venue. A venue in the city is going to be restricted in many ways, such as parking and noise levels, but no one wants to drive an hour into the country to get to a place either. Creekwood Gardens hits the sweet spot for location. It’s about 10 minutes outside of the main part of Rogers, but it is out in the country enough to avoid space issues and upsetting too many people with noise.

Creekwood Gardens Review: Options

Once you’ve gotten to the location, the space at the venue really matters. If the venue is surrounded by buildings and busy roads, the photographer won’t have many options for shooting outside. Creekwood Gardens has a giant amount of space with many different options. In the time I’ve been there, they have had the ceremony in two different locations. There’s a large open field toward the back of the property, and then there’s an area with an arbor and a big tree nearby. As far as other shooting options, there is, of course, the creek. Coming into the property, there is a bridge that goes over the creek, and then toward the back, you can get right down beside the creek and use it and the trees as a backdrop.

Besides the great spots for photography, it has spaces that would benefit the wedding party and the guests. Creekwood Gardens has two indoor locations for the wedding party to hangout or get prepared. The girls normally use the house, while the boys use the smaller building in the back. In one wedding, we even used the house for portraits and hiding from the rain, so it can serve multiple purposes. Outside, there are several spots for guests to sit. Around the house, tables are normally setup and many of them are in the shade. If that space fills up, more tables are usually place out in the lawn. I’ve also seen tents used in the back field. I’d guess you could easily fit 100-200 people in these different areas. When it’s time to party, there’s a large deck that’s perfect for dancing or you could easily just dance out in the field.

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That’s it for my Creekwood Gardens review. Creekwood Gardens has made my life as a photographer simpler. It’s nice to know that there’s plenty of space and opportunities available for beautiful photos. If you’re looking for a large venue with lots nature, I suggest you check out Creekwood Gardens.




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