Dan and Jennifer’s Wedding Ceremony Video

Weddings are such an amazing occasion and so special. I love being part of them. For Dan and Jennifer, we got to do a lot of things. We shot engagement photos and their wedding, and we even made them a wedding ceremony video. We did much more for the engagement and wedding photography, but the video kind of sticks out in my mind.

Dan and Jennifer’s Wedding Ceremony Video

I know that sounds strange that something as small as a ceremony video would make more of an impact on me than all the other work I did, but there’s a reason behind it. Jennifer’s mother was not able to make it to the wedding, which as you can imagine is tough on everyone, especially the mother. Jennifer asked us to create the video, so her mom could experience it all. The video was the closest way for her to experience her daughter’s wedding.

The setup for the ceremony video was a bit tough. This was a Catholic wedding, so there was a lot of sitting and standing and singing and all types of stuff. We were able to get two cameras to the side, but at times, our view would be blocked. I was able to aim a camera down the aisle, but for the most part, I could only get a shot of the back of their heads and the priest. We put another camera in the balcony to get a wide shot as well.

For most people, this video is not anything super special or interesting, but for me and Jennifer’s mother, I’m sure this wedding ceremony video is priceless. It was our way of making the best out of a bad situation, and I’m so glad we could help.

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