December Wedding at Barn at the Springs

I’ve been out of teaching for over 5 years now. The last group of people I taught are now freshmen in college. Over the years, I’ve been lucky to photograph former students and their weddings. Soon, I’ll be running out of former students. It makes me sad, but for now, I’m still loving working with my former students. Back in December, I went to one of my favorite venues, Barn at the Springs, and got to see one of my favorite former students, Olivia!

This really was a special day for so many people. We actually did 3 different first looks with Olivia: her father, brother, and then Jacob. All 3 were beautiful moments, and I’m glad we took the time to do them. If you have a special relationship with someone, it’s always fun to do a first look with them.

There was also lots of fun on Jake’s side. His brother is quite the entertaining guy. He was keeping me laughing all day. He was hugging Jake at random moments and pulling him away from Olivia during group photos. His son was also all over the place and walking back and forth during the ceremony. It was really cute.

One thing that was really special is that there were 3 wooden crosses outside of the venue. I believe Olivia’s dad built them. Later in the night we went outside and got some shots with them.

Olivia is the 4th student from Roger’s that I’ve had the privilege of photographing their wedding. I did Sarah’s at Mildred B Cooper, Dasha’s at Matt Lane Farm, and Lauron’s video at the Ravington. Each one was so special and made me so happy. I love seeing them all grown up and with the person they will spend life with. I can’t wait till the next former student reaches out! Makes my day.

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