Tossing the groom into the air

Diego and Melanie’s Rogers Wedding

Diego and Melanie are such a nice couple. They are both very soft spoken and always had this happiness in their eyes. It really was a pleasure being part of their Rogers Wedding last summer.

Diego and Melanie’s Rogers Wedding

First, I got to hang out with the girls in their hotel room. They were having a hard time figuring out these sashes on the dress, so they got on their phones to figure it out. That was pretty entertaining. Usually it’s the guys and their pocket squares or something like that.

Bride posing at ceremony Groom posing during ceremony

The ceremony was in a large, beautiful catholic church in Rogers. I liked the arrangement of things better than in some churches. The alter was in the middle of the whole room, leaving plenty of room to the sides and behind it. The couple was able to sit off to the side so I could actually see them and get photos. I’ve found that in some Catholic ceremonies they sit with their backs to you the whole time, and that makes things pretty difficult.

First dance at the Grand at 117 Tossing the groom into the air at the Grand at 117

The reception was where the real party happened. We travelled to the Grand at 117, and it was amazing. Their was Mexican food catered in, and all three floors were filled with people and activity. There was some great dancing and lots of smiles. My favorite thing, though, was when the groomsmen grabbed Diego and started tossing him in the air. They also forced him to take a shot from his own shoe. Pretty entertaining.

couple portrait against brick wall couple portrait in front of the Grand at 117

Their Rogers wedding was almost a year ago, but I still can remember it vividly. It was a fun, relaxed day with great people. I really love my job and getting to have these amazing experiences.

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