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Disney Wedding: Haylee and Rhett

Winter time is normally the slow season for weddings, but this last year was the busiest I’ve ever had. I ended up having about 7 weddings in a 3 month period. Normally, I might do 2 or 3 weddings in that same period, so this was awesome! Not only was it more weddings, these were great weddings with great people! I’ve already shared Stephanie and Braden’s wedding in Central Arkansas and the intimate wedding at St. Catherine’s. Today, I’m really excited to get to share the Disney Wedding of Haylee and Rhett at MattLane Farm!

Disney Wedding: Haylee and Rhett

You might remember these two from their engagements we shot nearly a year ago. We had a fun time out in Rogers at Lake Atlanta. I already knew they were a fun couple back then, but the wedding really brought out so much more of their personalities. Haylee and Rhett are both athletes, which means they have athlete friends. This crew matched up perfectly with the couple. They were doing funny things all day from random dancing to singing for us all. I especially enjoyed their entrances to the reception. Each couple had their own special dance move.

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At every wedding, there are certain things that stick out in my mind or are extremely unique and special. One thing that I thought was really special was a pillow. Rhett’s father had passed, so his sister walked the pillow down the aisle and placed it in a seat. I’ve seen other ways of representing the loved ones we’ve lost, but I’ve never seen this idea. Rhett is also a big Oklahoma fan, so his groom’s cake was the Oklahoma football field. Besides that, I really liked the overall theme of the wedding. It was a Disney wedding based off of Beauty and the Beast. Most girls want to be a Disney princess, so this was awesome! Haylee had the image on her hanger, the invitation said “Be Our Guest,” and the cake had red roses on it.

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To stick with the Beauty and the Beast theme, I tried to do some really special, “magical” even, photos of the couple. We started off with this wall that was covered with some kind of ivy or plants. I decided to put the couple in front of it and light it from behind to create a silhouette. From there, we did some shots out in front of the chapel and even got a few with a full moon. My favorite photos were using the window in the stone wall. I had Haylee and Rhett inside with a flash behind them. That and the mixture of some available light really created this fairytale feeling.

silhouette photo of bride and groom kissing under a full moon Disney wedding with Beauty and the Beast last photo of bride and groom leaving

I love weddings during anytime of the year, but there is something special about a winter wedding. It’s around Christmas and New Years, so people tend to be in a great mood, and things are usually decorated more festively. A Disney wedding, though, takes it to a new level. I had a such a great time with Haylee and Rhett at their Disney wedding. It really was a wedding for the ages!

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